"LuitBiz DMS" Document Management System

LuitBiz DMS allows you to securely store, retrieve and retain your business documents and records to ensure regulatory compliance through structured information governance. It helps maximize your productivity with timely retrieval & distribution of documents. Main features of LuitBiz DMS are:
  • Access Management & Version Control
  • Audit Trail & Email
  • Advanced Search & Document Tagging
  • Document Workflow, Approval & Electronic Signature
  • Document Communication & Knowledge Management
LuitBiz DMS is completely responsive and can be accessed via any device (computer / smartphone / tablet) without downloading any mobile apps.
Additionally, LuitBiz DMS helps you ensure regulatory compliances like ISO 9001, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and Part 510K, GMP, FINRA, GLBA, HIPAA, NIOSH 42 CFR PART 84, SOX and SEC.

Savings with LuitBiz DMS

LuitBiz DMS saves a lot of time, money, and effort which is why it is more recommended than traditional paper-based managing and storing of files or documents. Click here to check how much you can save with LuitBiz DMS

LuitBiz DMS Flavors

LuitBiz DMS is suitable for organizations of all sizes and verticals and comes in 3 different flavors:

Why Do you need to manage your documents and records digitally?

  • Enterprise Content Chaos: Your business documents (soft copy & hard copy) are stored in multiple silos like computers, USB sticks, email, network drives, file cabinets and across various file-sharing sites. In this chaos you often do not find the right document at the right time
  • Security Risk: Disparate document silos drain your business productivity and increase security risks
  • Compliance: Various compliances require documents to be managed in digital format in a particular folder structure. If this is found missing during audits, heavy fines are imposed by the compliance agencies
  • Versions & Audit Trails: You need to have access to all the versions of your documents and their history
  • Approvals: You need to have complete history of the approvals of your documents
  • Document Retrieval & Retention: You need to be able to retrieve and retain your documents depending on your organizational requirements



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