LuitBiz BPM Implementation

LuitBiz BPM Business Process Management Implementation & Customer Onboarding

A key goal of BPM is to align processes with business goals, seek ways to improve those processes and then establish measurements that can be used to track and monitor performance for continuous improvement and optimization. Ideally BPM is embraced as an enterprise wide strategy. (Although you can certainly apply BPM method or BPM Software to a single process). Our holistic enterprise-wide LuitBiz BPM implementation services fundamentally has three "stages":

  1. Stage 1 - Process Understanding
  2. Stage 2 - Process Improvement
  3. Stage 3 - Process Automation/Optimization

Stage 1 - Process Understanding: At this stage, we work with you to document your processes with a focus on those processes that are core to the value you deliver to your customers. Establishing a standard approach to document your processes and creating a central repository is a key ingredient here.

Stage 2 - Process Improvement: At this stage we work with you and your team to dissect your business processes, identifying process inefficiencies, then recommending and implementing process improvements. Based on your requirements, we select the processes whose automation could add value to your company. We then show you the ROI that you can obtain by automating these processes.

Stage 3 - Process Automation/Optimization: During this stage, we help you select and prioritize the processes you would like to automate initially. We then help you design your workflows to enforce the way processes are performed as well as the process forms. After that we analyze the process, perform "what if" analysis and compare the various simulations or process options to determine optimal improvements. Once everything is fine, the process goes live. We also help you iterate for continuous improvement of your processes periodically.

Business Process Management Implementation

Part of the challenge of implementing enterprise-wide BPM initiatives is determining which processes make the best candidates for process improvement initiatives and determining their ROI. One could certainly argue that all processes should be targeted for improvement. But we believe that since changing even simple processes requires precious energy, time and money, it's best to have a method to direct process improvement initiatives and resources to those processes that can have the greatest impact on achieving business goals. Our simplified approach helps businesses achieve process improvement goals with less effort, time and money.

LuitBiz Business Software makes your business productive, collaborative & innovative

A centralized repository of your business processes, workflows and forms in a business process management software ensures that all the necessary forms and documents are always in the proper place at all times. No more lost files and hung workflows, no more long drawn-out searches for a missing form, no more paper chase!

Before making a decision, let's get you started with a free trial of LuitBiz BPM business process management system for 15 days and see for yourself how it will add value to your business. LuitBiz also has CRM, HRM, ESS, DMS and Corporate communication modules. The best way to see which of our modules is best for you is to try it out for yourself for free. So in the free trial of LuitBiz, you can check out all our modules of LuitBiz including LuitBiz BPM. Experience the hassle-free advantages waiting for you or get in touch with our support staff to learn how LuitBiz can bring these benefits and cost savings to your organization.

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