Why Use LuitBiz HRM & ESS?

How will LuitBiz HRM & ESS help your company?

The strategic HR framework of LuitBiz HRM and ESS aims to leverage & align HR practices to build critical capabilities that enable a company to achieve its goals. This approach offers both financial & non-financial benefits to a company which practices it.

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LuitBiz HRM and ESS provides the right tools that will be beneficial to a company to implement strategic human resources plan that will help it attain its goals. Using LuitBiz HRM, a company can set goals or targets that it hopes to achieve and the system ensures that the employees perform the necessary duties geared toward the attainment of that goal. This is where the importance of strategic human resources in a company can be seen, since the human resources department will identify the key areas in the company that require manpower. This department will also carry out the necessary steps toward the recruitment of the ideal candidates who cannot only fill the vacancies, but can also help the company achieve its vision and other long-term or short-term goals.

LuitBiz HRM and ESS also helps a company develop strategies that will help motivate employees to greater productivity and even more output via incentives like bonus and promotions. These often serve as motivation for employees to work harder in order to attain the promised incentives. Some human resources departments also use awards to motivate employees. During stated periods, which might be anywhere from each month to each year, the company could single out one or more employees and reward them with gifts in the form of money or other prizes, encouraging other employees to work hard in the process. This can be announced via LuitBiz HRM and ESS that will motivate other employees to achieve similar heights.

HRM systems are generally quite costly for organizations to adopt and implement. Additionally considering the fact that in today's business world companies expand at a very rapid pace it is an astronomical amount that companies have to shell out initially to bear even the initial cost of implementing a good HRM system - a solution which is straight forward and efficient which will be available within a short span of time for use. SaaS (Software as a Service) was developed as a result over this concern and a SaaS HRM helps companies implement a cost effective HRM without the hassles of procuring inhouse hardware and software. LuitBiz HRM and ESS is one such SaaS HRM that is built on a shared infrastructure for remote access via internet through cloud computing technology which is readily available to plug in, subscribe and start using. Most importantly, we solely take care of LuitBiz HRM and ESS for you and provide you with:

  1. An easy to use SaaS HRM with instant access from anywhere anytime via any device
  2. A Simple low cost implementation of SaaS HRM
  3. Frees you from the hassles of purchasing or installing hardware and software
  4. An online integrated system for entire employee lifecycle management
  5. Pay as you go - no software support or maintenance fees to be paid
  6. No user commitments to stick to - you can renew your subscriptions every month
  7. Hassle free automatic upgrades - and that too at no extra cost!
  8. Helps you go GREEN with a SaaS HRM & ESS solution

LuitBiz DMS helps mitigate risks, reduce capital expenditures & trim overall IT costs

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