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How Can Property Management Companies Benefit From LuitBiz?

As a property management company, you may serve a wide array of clients ranging from residential to commercial complexes.

In any case, each interaction requires you to shuffle paper. LOTS of paper!

Mounting operating costs have imposed staggering challenges for property managers worldwide. This has placed demand upon property managers to reduce costs. It is often seen that lease agreements can lead to legal disputes between tenants and property managers, even if these tenants are leasing commercial space. Ensuring that you have the right document management system gives you the proper retention and security of files to ensure you have those documents should such a dispute arise.

You already are managing a whole bunch of properties, but the last kind of property you want to manage are the multiple file cabinets, maybe even rooms full of documents, occupying valuable and expensive real estate in your office. When you need to find a document like important resident files, covenants to enforce, maintenance receipts, evidence for evictions, proof of following regulations — panic ensues as you dig through files. Your time is money, and time spent looking for misplaced paperwork equals money out of your pocket and poor customer service, but LuitBiz DMS can resolve this.

Increasing efficiency of Legal Companies

Stop trying to apply ineffective solutions to your document management problems. You need a modern, reliable and robust document management system with cutting edge features that works across multiple devices that will save you time and increase your productivity. You need LuitBiz DMS.

How can LuitBiz DMS help your property management business?

Store files centrally using document management system

LuitBiz DMS ensures that you can securely store everything in the solution without compromising efficiency, teamwork, or security. The built-in version control prevents employees from duplicating the same file and working on the copies separately.

Save Time By using LuitBiz DMS

LuitBiz DMS makes finding files so fast it feels like the file found you. Rapid and full document text search; automatic document workflows and the ease of use across different devices are just some of the reasons LuitBiz DMS is a tremendous time saver.

Eliminate loss / misfiling of documents

Spending time on manually filing and tracking docs only to find they’re still misplaced and lost? With LuitBiz DMS, documents can be controlled, organized & leveraged. This intuitive organizational power of LuitBiz DMS ensures that files are always found.

Work from anywhere, anytime with a document management system for lawyers

Whether you’re juggling responsibilities between home and work or want immediate access to work-related information, LuitBiz DMS lets you securely put your office in your pocket and work from anywhere, anytime.

Secure your documents and ensure compliance with document management system

LuitBiz DMS tracks, provisions, & secures all documents. With audit trails for tracing behavior, permissions for granting access to specific users & regular data backup LuitBiz DMS shoulders many compliance burdens for you.

Improve Customer Service

LuitBiz DMS automates common office processes so you can practice your expertise, not paperwork. Never put a customer on hold to search for information again, or return to the receiver to admit you can’t find what they need.

Consistent File Structure

LuitBiz DMS gives your company extraordinary organizing power, and quickly. Document versioning prevents the same document from having two or more different names/storage locations increasing the consistency of your filing process making it more efficient.

Control Access & Track Documents

Not sure who made changes to a certain document or where documents are placed? Can’t prove to auditors who’s seen what? With LuitBiz DMS you can choose who can see what, & audit trails track what happens in the system in the event an external audit occurs.

Save Space, Time & Money

Do your business’s file cabinets require their own separate office or storage room that costs a fortune? LuitBiz DMS eliminates the need for paper-based filing & storage, enabling not just a remote workforce, but also reduces high costs, clutter & digital chaos.

Fast-track Document Turnaround

Constantly toggling back and forth between programs? Want more than cloud storage to securely store documents easily and retrieve them instantly? LuitBiz DMS has an extremely low learning curve and expedites document turnaround & increases the efficiency of your workforce.

Maximize Your Performance

Traditionally, property management processes have been intensely paper-driven, requiring large amounts of storage space, but LuitBiz DMS changes that. From going paperless to growing a business long-term through LuitBiz DMS, small businesses level the playing field against larger competitors.

Protect & Expand your business

In the event of a natural disaster or office break-in, traditional back up & business protection methods won’t be able to protect your business documents. LuitBiz DMS helps you celebrate business growth without having to stress about these complexities letting you grow more than you ever could.

Why should Property Management Companies choose LuitBiz DMS?

Property Managers have a lot of work to do. In addition to handling unexpected maintenance requests, property damage, tenant files, resident complaints, and payment problems, they must handle bookkeeping efforts for their organizations — requiring that they play the role of an accountant from time to time. Without having a proper document management software in place, costly year end reconciliation charges from your accountant can be incurred, and those are always a hassle. However, LuitBiz DMS prevents this from happening, and simplifies all the steps in between as well, too.

Property Managers of today require instant availability and access to information, a safe house for documents, up-to-date regulatory compliance, maximum efficiency, a means to save money, and more space. LuitBiz DMS provides just that solutions to property managers worldwide to access their documents from anywhere, anytime using any device connected to the Internet.

Let us help you save time, improve efficiency, protect you from risk, earn more money, help you simplify processes, regain valuable work space, reduce clutter, and more!

  1. Enables profits & improves customer service: Perhaps no industry sees as many positive impacts from document management software as the property management industry. From small property management firms to huge property management corporations, document management goes a long way towards boosting property management industry's revenues and improving overall customer service.
  2. Fast & Safe: Never worry about the security of your files or webmail again – it’s network file sharing made easy.
  3. Workflow: Chances are you work with lots of repeated documents in repeated patterns. The workflow feature of LuitBiz DMS will save you lots of hands-on time, as documents are automatically routed from creation, revision, and versioning to approval.
  4. Fast retrieval of documents: LuitBiz DMS is equivalent to an extra-speedy virtual assistant. It helps you retrieve documents and their related knowledge base within seconds making you more efficient.
  5. Knowledge Base: Property management business involves a lot of information that does not actually go into the body of the document. It's stored in hard disks, notebooks, etc and fades away with time. Later on when that knowledge is required, you need to re-create it which involves a lot of time & money. LuitBiz DMS lets you store all these extra knowledge pertaining to your documents and allows you to retrieve them easily
  6. Expiry of documents: Property related documents / certificates etc. that are time bound need to be renewed from time to time. The expiry date feature of LuitBiz DMS helps you to set alerts for document action dates and you can also search for documents based on their expiry dates and take necessary action.

Don’t put your business at risk—Make sure you are using the most secure, robust, and user-friendly document management system. Learn how LuitBiz DMS can assist you today.

LuitBiz Effortlessly manages all business documents in Property Management Companies

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