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Why should the Software & Hardware Companies choose LuitBiz?

Software and hardware companies use a lot of disparate systems to manage different processes. This results in an extremely costly "IT nightmare" that consumes a lot of time and money in maintenance, integration and troubleshooting. Additionally, business performance and visibility are hindered by the lack of real-time actionable data and absence of a single view of customer data. Revenue recognition is an extremely time-consuming and painful using process in software and hardware companies that use spreadsheets because of growing business and corporate customers spreading over different countries. Critical business processes and documents need to be streamlined and documented to meet government and compliance requirements. Another challenge faced by software and hardware companies is during merger and acquisitions that involves high costs and delays involved in on boarding new business entities to a standard business and IT environment. Software and hardware companies need a lot of Business Intelligence reports for forecasting their development and sales processes and disconnected applications make reporting difficult and require manual work that hurt productivity.

Software and hardware companies can implement LuitBiz as a single cloud solution with rapid implementation and low cost of entry that could support all business processes and help them overcome the above business challenges. LuitBiz can be used by software and hardware companies for managing all processes right from hiring and retaining talented employees using LuitBiz HRM & ESS, to managing all their business documents, processes & approvals using LuitBiz DMS & LuitBiz BPM, managing all their sales, marketing and support processes using LuitBiz CRM and ensure that all team members can quickly and easily collaborate on opportunities and issues via LuitBuzz.

Real-time visibility is important in making timely informed decisions. When information can be accessed instantly from almost anywhere, without wasting resources on data extraction and tying data from different sources together, employees are better informed and can make more accurate, faster decisions. The real time dashboards of Luitbiz help software and hardware companies make timely informed accurate decisions and increase profits.

Additionally, with an integrated software system like LuitBiz, expansion to multiple locations and additional sales channels can be accomplished a lot faster by software and hardware companies because of unified processes and data. These companies can also upsell and cross-sell more efficiently to their existing customer base because of the improved visibility they obtain.

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