LuitBiz For Support Managers

Manage your support queue smartly and efficiently

Ensure that your entire team is getting equal exposure to support issues and customers are being helped in accordance to their SLAs

No matter which industry you belong to, when tasks or projects build up, your stress level as a support manager increases and your ability to carry out responsibilities suffers. Sometimes this rising tide of anxiety is also transferred to your entire team and this calls for changes in the way you work. Every support team, for example, will eventually hit a point where the volume of support tickets or emails grows large enough that a new process is needed. How to tackle those customer requests, and which to tackle first, can vary significantly.

A robust and thoughtfully implemented Customer Support System is a wonderful analgesic for today's Customer Support Managers. Simply put, it mitigates, eliminates or manages the causes of most Customer Support Manager headaches and job challenges. Customer Support Managers can use Luitbiz to track all customer service requests in one central location and assign them to the relevant person or team to resolve. Support case status can be tracked and automatic notifications can be set up to alert the support rep or manager if a support case is approaching or has breached the Service Level Agreement. Additionally, support case solutions can be added to a 'knowledgebase' that can be used by internal staff to resolve issue more quickly or can even be accessed and searched by customers via the customer portal to find solutions themselves This greatly helps to reduce your support admin time.

Why switch your support team to LuitBiz?

  • Access From Anywhere Anytime: LuitBiz is completely responsive. Your support team and customers can access their it from anywhere, anytime without downloading any mobile or desktop apps
  • Escalation & SLA Rules: LuitBiz allows you to define your escalation rules and SLA policies that automates the support process without any manual intervention.
  • Integrated Customer Portal: The integrated customer portal of LuitBiz reflects your brand (in the form of your company logo) and can be accessed by your customer to submit and view support tickets. This portal also has a knowledge base that contains questions and answers based on their purchase and SLA that are pre filled by you and your team. This reduces the number of support calls and emails as the DIY tips you provide your customers via this knowledge base helps them solve most of the common issues themselves.
  • Visibility: Real-time dashboards and analytics eliminate spreadsheets & manual reports.
  • Multiple Business Unit Support: Supports multiple business units that scales as you grow.
  • Easy-to-use: Extremely easy to use with audio guides in each screen. There is no need for your team members to spend long hours trying to learn how to use a CRM software.
  • Integrated with sales: LuitBiz allows sales & support teams to share data and work as a team. Research has shown that businesses with sales and support alignment close 40% more sales than the companies where sales and support teams work as separate silos.

How Can LuitBiz Help A Support Manager?

Grow Your Business

Complete visibility and traceability of support cases

With LuitBiz support managers have complete visibility of the customer support activities via agent performance metrics & overall team or call centre effectiveness data. This greatly facilitates support managers of decentralized or multiple location companies by permitting hands-on management from afar without having to conduct frequent team meetings.

Anywhere anytime access

Quantifiable data available at fingertips to analyse support performance

Customer Support Managers also benefit from the grouping, segmentation and consolidation of all cases. By interrogating the case data, problem areas can be quickly identified, root cause analysis performed and adjustments made to improve particular support policies or procedures and ensure greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Reduce Costs

Real time metrics to improve service

A Customer Support Manager can generate, at the click of a mouse, reports that show real time and cumulative metrics for given work functions or areas. This information is very influential and permits managers to initiate programs designed to continually advance the customer service division. This also allows for a proactive, positive approach as opposed to reactive or negative feedback that is time consuming and often demoralizing for support staff. If activities and their results do not change as intended, then a reallocation of human resources can be made with clear and objective data to support the change.

Build Team

Integrated system empowers support manager to become an asset of positive growth

A Customer Support Manager can also see what products or services are generating the most cases and bring that to the attention of concerned department, contributing to root cause analysis and adding to the customer support department's value proposition. With intelligent data mining, LuitBiz empowers support managers to act as the intermediary between the company's production facilities and customers' experience. Luitbiz provides the IT infrastructure for Customer Support Managers to run their department better and also elevate their roles to become more valuable members of the management team.

LuitBiz helps Support Managers track all support activities in real time and solve customer issues faster

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