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How Can Civil Engineering Companies Benefit From LuitBiz?

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LuitBiz Built for Engineering & Construction Industry

Civil engineering and construction companies operate on a project driven environment whose needs and requirements are ever changing. Business growth and success are achieved by taking well calculated risks to increase profit margins. An increasing pressure to reduce costs, shrinking timeframes and demanding regulations require that these companies have an integrated IT system in place that allows them to quickly and accurately calculate margins, costs and risks. LuitBiz offers these companies an end-to-end solution to efficiently manage their projects and give them clear insight into their business. This allows these companies to better control construction projects, respond faster to customers, accurately plan resources and improve the quality of their service.

LuitBiz can be used by civil engineering and construction companies to plan and execute construction projects faster and more accurate by quotes and bids, to subcontracting, billing, procurement, document management, retention and asset and plant management.

Why should Engineering & Construction Companies choose LuitBiz?

Responsive Business Software for civil engineering companies

Manage Suppliers

Civil engineering and construction companies have to manage a complex network of suppliers to meet their project deadlines. LuitBiz ERP provides them with the necessary tools to manage and retain loyal suppliers

LuitBiz helps civil engineering and construction companies effectively manage their entire procurement process and transform it into a strategic weapon. Companies can have real time insights into supplier performance, rates, right materials and services-quickly and cost effectively. Companies can enhance relationships with their suppliers and identify cost saving opportunities and support and coordinate with various departments, particularly with the accounting department.

LuitBiz allows civil engineering and construction companies to capture details of approved vendors and analyze and monitor their performance objectively over time. Supplier details like rates, lead times, and minimum and maximum order quantities can be captured via LuitBiz and this information can be used to formulate RFQ strategies. RFQs can be released to suppliers via Luitbiz, quotations compared and decisions taken based on historical supplier data.

LuitBiz helps civil engineering and construction companies manage their suppliers better by:

  1. Helping them follow industry best practices for purchases of construction raw materials and supplies
  2. Have the desired controls over their suppliers and purchases with the ability to disqualify erring suppliers
  3. Track historical data of all purchases and RFQs with 360 degree view on the historical purchases made from each supplier
  4. Manage suppliers, define performance parameters and rate suppliers for greater transperancy
  5. Take better procurement decisions using supplier information with historical data of supplier pricings and delivery records
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Process Large Volumes Of Data

Civil engineering and construction companies have large volumes of customer data and documents in addition to the legal and regulatory documentations. Finding the right document at the right time is critical to their business success. LuitBiz DMS helps these companies manage and streamline all their critical business documents

Engineering, construction, and architectural firms of all types and sizes face intense economic, regulatory, and competitive pressure. Organizations must find efficient ways to satisfy these requirements while keeping costs to a minimum. LuitBiz increases the efficiency of these companies by providing one unified system with all the critical business and regulatory documents in one place for better analysis and faster decision making. This not only allows these companies to follow up projects with greater accuracy but also makes it easier for a faster and more precise bid and quoting process.

LuitBiz offers an easy-to-use, yet powerful document management and workflow solution that will enhance your customers' experiences and reduce costs. Your engineers and staff will easily manage your change order processes, automate your review and approval processes, and streamline your collaboration efforts. The built-in version control module of LuitBiz DMS ensures the integrity of all the project documents thereby reducing overwriting errors and costs.

LuitBiz DMS helps engineering, construction, and architectural companies to:

  1. Easily store and retrieve all critical business documents
  2. Provides document workflow automation (DWA) tracking and accountability for improved internal productivity and customer service.
  3. Simplifies access to documents by providing secure access to information anytime, anywhere over the cloud using any device.
  4. Eliminate the need for document duplication by providing authorized users with access to client support files from any location
  5. Eliminate storage and courier costs by scanning and electronically routing client information.
  6. Decrease processing time and costs and enhance customers' experience, thereby gaining more loyal customers who will come back again with newer projects.
  7. Simplify and reduce operation expenses associated with third party audits.
  8. Streamline and automate document retention and destruction processes with custom business rules.
  9. Track complete document history and usage via a comprehensive audit trail
Project Management Software for civil engineering companies

Maintain Visibility & Control

Complete visibility and control over concurrent projects and budgets is critical for the success of projects in an engineering and construction company. LuitBiz provides you all the tools that are required to control and predict your budgets, sales and costs

In today's challenging business environment civil engineering and construction companies are faced with increasing pressures competition-pressures to reduce costs, improve and maintain quality and decrease lead times. In order to stay ahead of competition, they need to work on multiple projects at the same time and complete all of them successfully. "Creating attractive living space in an attractive environment" is the motto of all these companies that is applicable to all their projects. As such, complete visibility to all the aspects of the projects is a necessity. The multi-company feature of LuitBiz helps civil engineering and construction companies to have a birds-eye-view of all the aspects of the projects.

LuitBiz dashboards provide performance metrics by multiple business units. With all operational project data in one system, company management can instantly view construction volume, profits, contingencies and projects at risk by market segment and business units.

LuitBiz enables every operational team member of civil engineering and construction companies to access the information relevant to managing their part of the project lifecycle.

  1. Business Development Managers:Track a pipeline of potential customers with conceptual estimates and sales for projects.
  2. Pre-Construction Managers: Create and manage multiple scope documents that go into building the original budget for projects and programs.
  3. Project Managers:Manage the overall budget and all contractual commitments against the budget. Track all change management documents as well as invoices and payments.
  4. Project Engineers:Manage project scope and communications including design drawings and specifications, submittals and approvals, and ongoing correspondence such as meeting minutes, RFIs and transmittals.
  5. CEO / Management Team: View overall performance of sales, marketing support, quality, project, HR and all other aspects of the different projects from a single dashboard. Additionally, the multi-company feature of LuitBiz allows the management team of engineering and construction companies have a 360 degree view of all aspects of all their companies via single software.
Responsive Business Software for engineering & construction companies

Optimize Staffing

The success of civil engineering projects depend on allocating the right resources to the right project and optimize the use of the company's staff. LuitBiz HRM helps companies allocate the right skills to the right project while minimizing bench time

Efficiency in Human Capital Management directly impacts the success and growth of an engineering and construction company. An efficient system of Human Resource Management enables a company to focus on sustainable business growth. LuitBiz empowers the entire process of human resource management and allows the HR Manager to take complete control over the entire workforce, through a completely automated process.

LuitBiz HRM generates and integrates data across multiple positions, entities, geography and multiple companies. The human resource software aids HR managers to reach ad-hoc, systematic decisions through detailed analysis and reports. LuitBiz HRM helps managers clearly define HR functions through immaculate HR planning.

  1. Recruitment Management: The Recruitment module of LuitBiz HRM allows companies to automate the recruitment process right from creating job recruitment to interview schedule and hiring of a candidate. The complete recruitment process is captured and requisite reports are generated that helps HR Managers decide on hiring the best talent and nurturing them.
  2. Man Power Training & Retention: Training plans for the staff can be generated and trainings can be scheduled based on the company's training requirements using the training management module of LuitBiz HRM. LuitBiz HRM creates transparency in the entire training process and aids in conceiving a comprehensive training plan.
  3. Appraisal, Career Planning & Development: The appraisal module of LuitBiz HRM provides various functionalities for monitoring an employee's performance in the company and assists in validating promotions. LuitBiz HRM keeps track of the employee's performance, eligibility for promotion and provides both 180 degree and 360 degree appraisals. LuitBiz HRM maintains an updated profile of the employee's qualification/skills/experience and provides unequivocal extensive analysis reports on employee performance. This helps Managers align individual goals with the company's business objectives. Identifying and helping develop top talent by providing meaningful comments can be done scientifically.
  4. Bonus and Reimbursement Management: LuitBiz ESS allows employees submit their reimbursement applications along with proof which are forwarded to the HR Department. The HR department can then get the requisite approvals and disperse the reimbursements, all via LuitBiz. The results are lower costs, more accurate accounting, and more timely reimbursements. Additionally, bonus issue to various employees is managed very efficiently by LuitBiz HRM.
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Improve Collaboration

A big challenge faced by civil engineering and construction companies is the management of important business critical documents. With LuitBiz, companies can share important documents and intellectual property easily, regardless of location

LuitBiz makes it easy for people in different roles with different responsibilities to communicate and work together. It is a place to share files, have discussions, collaborate on documents, assign tasks, and check due dates. LuitBiz stores everything securely and can be accessed at anytime from anywhere.

The communication module "LuitBuzz" helps all employees communicate across companies and expedite business decisions. This module facilitates one-to-one and one to many communication that help employees communicate with each other in real time and solve problems quickly and easily, even if they are located on the other side of the world from one another.

The collaboration features of LuitBiz helps engineering and construction companies by:

  1. Streamlining conversations: With LuitBuzz disorganized conversations become a thing of the past. LuitBuzz is the right platform that allows everyone in the scenario described above to subscribe to a single conversation where updates will be published and notifications will be sent out to participating members in real time.
  2. Search for qualified domain experts amongst employees in the company: For medium and large-sized businesses, finding an expert among a pool of employees can be easier said than done. After all, it's common for managers and CEOs to not be on a first-name basis with everyone who works for them, in which case ... knowing who is an expert in what is not always in the cards. LuitBiz makes finding employees with specific expertise easier than ever. Employees can list specific traits, skills, and levels of expertise in their profiles, which can then be used as search terms that managers and CEOs can utilize to help narrow things down when they're looking for qualified candidates.
  3. Consolidating Information: Hunting down information can be time-consuming, especially when it's buried deep down in a digital pile. LuitBiz consolidates this and other pieces of information in a single space, making it a veritable breeze to retrieve knowledge and data in a quick and succinct manner.
  4. Cost Saving: After implementing LuitBiz, you are getting practically everything you need in regards to business tools in a single suite. While the organizational benefits of this have already been explained, it is important to also take into consideration just how much money you can save when you only have to pay for a single piece of software instead of a number of different applications.
  5. Better Employee Collaboration: With the help of LuitBiz, employees can work on projects together, communicate in real time, and solve problems quickly and easily, even if they're located on the other side of the world from one another.
  6. Come up with more effective solutions: For most businesses, the task of the day is for employees to put their heads together and come up with solutions to problems and issues that might exist. This can be anything from developing a marketing campaign for a new project to finding ways to cut costs in the approaching quarter. Stumbling upon solutions doesn't just "happen". It requires hours of brainstorming and critical thinking. When you don't have the right tools on your side, this process can take even longer. LuitBiz can facilitate the creation of more effective solutions. Employees can debate and brainstorm on the topic at hand all within a communal space, just as if they were sitting next to each other at a conference table. It's a much smoother process than going back and forth via email and teleconferencing, and achieving the results you are looking for will typically come quicker than if you were to utilize a different platform for communication.
  7. Improved team management: Managing a team (especially a remote team) requires you to have the right resources at your fingertips, and using email and basic project management software usually doesn't get the job done as well as it could be. You need a piece of software that combines everything in one place, allowing you to manage a virtual team without issue. LuitBiz does this work for you easily as you can communicate with everyone (or just certain individuals) in real time, upload important documents to the space, outline tasks that need to be completed, schedule meetings, and more. The more adept you become at using collaboration software, the more in control you'll be when attempting to lead a team to victory.
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Stay Ahead Of Competition

Civil engineering and construction companies are always faced with the challenge of staying ahead of their competition. LuitBiz helps these companies manage every aspect of the construction process while delivering agility and insights to keep them ahead of their competition

Businesses today are fast-paced, highly competitive, and more demanding than ever before. In order to remain competitive, engineering and construction companies must be prepared to adapt business processes quickly to reflect ever-changing market trends and demands. The business technologies of tomorrow must be intuitive, compliant and super productive. LuitBiz is the right software that addresses this demand.

To stay competition, engineering and construction companies must have clear visibility into supply chains, drive down costs, design relevant products and get their offerings to the market faster. They must aim to capture and analyze enterprise data in real-time to gain business intelligence that informs smart business decisions. And they will need to give their customers, employees and partners fast, convenient access to real-time information-anytime, anywhere, using any device.

To enable such enterprise agility, you must transform and renew your siloed, legacy ERP applications and integrate them with modern ERP innovations-establishing a highly agile ERP platform that supports modern business demands. With LuitBiz, you can align your people, processes and technology with your strategic business goals-using proven transformation methodologies, industry-specific best practices and ERP modernization innovations and stay much ahead of your competition.

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