Why Use LuitBiz CRM?

How will LuitBiz CRM help your company set SMART Goals?

What is a business goal and why does your business need a goal?

A business goal is a step towards the desired result that provides a clear understanding of what your business is striving to accomplish. They offer clarity and meaning for all your decisions.

You are in business to make money - that's your goal.

To achieve this goal you need to have a streamlined process for managing your customer interactions and have complete knowledge about the lifecycle of each customer. For achieving business success, you need to set SMART GOALS for your business.

SMART stands for:

  • S = Specific: Be specific on what your data points are, how will you collect & store them and who will input the data

  • M = Measurable: Make sure that the goals you set are measurable by cold hard facts like values of incoming, won & lost opportunities

  • A = Achievable: Make sure your end goals are achievable by taking time to outline specific actions that are easy enough for your everyone to do each day until you’re successful

  • R = Realistic : Set realistic goals that encourages you and your team right from the beginning and track progress toward the end goal

  • T = Time-relevant: Give enough time to yourself and your team to offer enough of a challenge to stretch and grow

How does LuitBiz CRM help you set SMART GOALS to stay ahead of your competition?

Now that you know what a "SMART GOAL" is, you need to:

  • Set goals that motivate you, create an action plan and stick to your goals and see them through

  • For setting SMART GOALS you need to have a complete 360° view of your customer lifecycle right from the day the first contact was made

  • You need to have a complete audit trail of the customer lifecycle, details of all the follow-ups made and documents shared and this information should be available to you anytime, anywhere across all devices

LuitBiz CRM is a true 360° CRM with Sales, Marketing, Support, Contacts and Customer Portal modules - all sharing the same database. As a result, LuitBiz CRM supports the entire customer lifecycle process:

  • From planning marketing campaigns, branding the product, conducting a market study and competitive analysis via LuitBiz CRM Marketing

  • To prospecting and building up the sales funnel and forecasting sales with LuitBiz CRM Sales

  • And supporting customers and providing them with excellent customer service via LuitBiz CRM Support and Customer Portal

  • While managing all business contacts via LuitBiz Contacts smartly

What sets LuitBiz CRM apart?

LuitBiz CRM Infographic

The most exciting feature of LuitBiz CRM for sales people who are always on the move and have no time to enter data is that they can just speak on their smartphones and tablets about their follow up details - no need to type! Yes, that's right, no typing. Just speak, the mobile browser will type it out for you

LuitBiz Sales

LuitBiz Sales features allow you to improve your sales success, eliminate low sales productivity, close deals faster and increase your company's sales. The role based sales dashboards allow you to manage all your activities, receive reminders to contact leads, prospects, campaigns and your ongoing tenders. The Sales Manager will also be able to follow up ongoing sales results and compare it with sales budget and the team's performance.

LuitBiz Marketing

LuitBiz Marketing includes features for effective Competitive Positioning Strategy for your company. The Marketing module guides you through the entire marketing process that includes creating your Market segmentations, research, and competitors' product and positioning, performing SWOT analysis and your value proposition and managing your marketing campaigns. From your Competitive Positioning Strategy, you create your branding and price strategy.

LuitBiz Support

LuitBiz Support provides complete customer support functionalities including definition of support rules, online customer trouble ticketing, escalation and reports. The support module of LuitBiz CRM is built from ground-up to make your support team's work easier with customized dashboards for different roles to handle support issues very effectively.

LuitBiz Contacts

LuitBiz Contacts is an easy to use contact management system that helps businesses to maintain a clear and relevant presentation of all their business contacts. Any business that aims to succeed needs more of a contact management system than a simple list of names followed by addresses and phone numbers that are available in smart phone and email address books.

LuitBiz Customer Portal

The customer portal of LuitBiz allows your support team to directly collaborate with your customers, solve their issues and listen to their problems. Your customers can login to the customer portal and submit their cases and wishlists which can be addressed by your support team members helping you increase customer satsfaction and loyalty.

Have your customer information at your finger tips, access it anywhere, anytime using any device with LuitBiz CRM

A centralized repository of your customer information in a CRM system ensures that all your customer data is available at all times. No more lost data, no more long drawn-out searches for a missing customer data, no more paper chase!

Before making a decision, let's get you started with a free trial of LuitBiz CRM for 15 days and see for yourself how it will add value to your business. LuitBiz also has Document Management (DMS), HRM, ESS, BPM and Corporate communication modules. The best way to see which of our modules is best for you is to try it out for yourself for free. So in the free trial of LuitBiz, you can check out all our modules of LuitBiz including LuitBiz CRM. Experience the hassle-free advantages waiting for you or get in touch with our support staff to learn how LuitBiz can bring these benefits and cost savings to your organization.

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