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Why do Automotive Dealerships Need To Manage Their Documents?

When it comes to document management, a car dealership faces the challenge of staying in line with compliance laws like:

  • The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the FTC Privacy Rule, Used Car Rule, Red Flags Rule, Regulation Z and the Disposal Rule (USA)
  • Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, CMVR (AIS / BIS, etc), IS 1884-1993 (India)
  • Whole Vehicle Type-Approval (WVTA), New European Driving Cycle, Real Driving Emission (RDE), Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP), The REACH Regulation, ECE Regulation 79, ISO 9001 & ISO/TS 16949 (European Union)

All these laws require your dealership to acquire the necessary documents, safely store them and immediately retrieve them when required. This becomes quite a challenging task when you have large volumes of documents constantly entering the dealership like financial / insurance documents, customer documents, manufacture documents and legal permits.

LuitBiz DMS is perfect for helping your dealership manage & retrieve all your digitized documents from anywhere, anytime using any device connected to the Internet without installing any mobile or desktop apps.

Do you know how much money you are losing daily due to document mismanagement?

Each of your sales person / knowledge worker spend 18 minutes per day searching for one version of one document. So imagine the amount of time wasted by them in searching for documents (which is not their primary job) rather than selling cars (for which you have hired them).
Imagine the increase in their productivity and your sales if all this time can be saved!

How can LuitBiz DMS help you improve your Automotive Dealership?

Document Management System For Car Dealerships

Tight Security For Your Documents

LuitBiz DMS has built-in access control that allows only users with the correct privileges to access your documents with their username and password. Additionally, while viewing documents via their mobile devices, they can view them directly from the server.

Document Management System For Car Dealerships

Organize Your Documents Easily

LuitBiz DMS allows you to safely store your documents so they are never lost and you can also find them easily. Folders, tags and related documents help you organize your dealership files. A powerful search function helps you pull up files on the spur of the moment.

Document Management System For Car Dealerships

Affordable and Functional Document Management

LuitBiz DMS offers simplicity and functionality at an affordable price overshadowing its competitors that offer document management software for car dealerships. The same amount of functionality that is found with any expensive and complex document management software can be found with LuitBiz DMS.

Document Management System For Car Dealerships

Easy retrieval of all documents with automatic OCR

The advanced search features of LuitBiz DMS allows you to retrieve all your dealership documents easily. Additionally, the built-in automatic OCR functionality of LuitBiz DMS requires you to just upload the scanned image of the document and search through its content to retrieve it within seconds.

Document Management System For Car Dealerships

Better Handle all your Customer & Financial Documents

All your customer and financial documents are in one place allowing you to quickly access documents when dealing with customers or financial institutions. This way, you can better manage your relationships with your customers and financial institutions using LuitBiz DMS.

Document Management System For Car Dealerships

Approve documents while on the move

The configurable workflow functionality of LuitBiz DMS makes document approval a breeze. While approving documents on the move using their smartphones, users can just speak their approval comments and the software will type it out for them making approval a very easy process.

If you are searching for an excellent document management system then look no further than LuitBiz DMS. In addition to audio and video user guides in each screen you also get first-rate support from the LuitBiz DMS team, who are willing to help you with the software for your dealership business.

LuitBiz Effortlessly manages all documents for automobile dealerships

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