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The hospitality industry involves a lot of processes from hiring employees, managing inventory & housekeeping, keeping customers happy, etc. and managing all these records on paper is quite a daunting task for people working in the hospitality sector. Whether it is a small restaurant or a business class resort, keeping their customers happy is always the number one priority in the hospitality sector. Yet, these can often get sidetracked by the little aspects like the inability of the front office to print out a payment related document or receiving the wrong ingredients from vendors, etc. these are just two simple examples of bad document management in the hospitality industry. There are several other circumstances where small loopholes in certain processes in this industry can lead to major disasters and losing of loyal customers.

LuitBiz is an integrated software package that can be used by the hospitality industry to manage all their business processes more efficiently. LuitBiz DMS and LuitBiz BPM can be used by the hospitality industry to organize and manage all their business documents and approvals while LuitBiz HRM and ESS will help them manage their employees and their requirements more efficiently. Luitbiz CRM can prove to be a very effective tool in managing the sales, marketing and customer service aspects of the hospitality industry while LuitBiz can prove to be a very effective means of communication amongst various teams even though they might be separated geographically. The multi company feature of LuitBiz is of great help to those hospitality companies that comprise of multiple units and who would like to manage all their business processes centrally using one integrated software.

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