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How Can Real Estate Companies Benefit From LuitBiz?

4 Main Problems Faced By Real Estate Companies

LuitBiz Built for Real Estate Industry

Why should A Real Estate Company choose LuitBiz?

The fortunes of the real estate sector are tied to the growth of economies.

  • The real estate industry is highly capital intensive and face several challenges in project planning / costing and execution, collaborating with preferred suppliers/ sub-contractors, visibility on cash flow, pricing and regulatory compliance.
  • In this industry, to make profits, companies need cut down their operating costs, be efficient across processes, and stay competitive by passing on the benefits to customers through optimum pricing.
  • In order to achieve these objectives, companies need to manage project planning, site selection, construction, budget planning, regulatory approvals, and every other aspect of their business smartly and efficiently.

A real estate company faces a number of challenges including providing accurate quotes and cost collection as well as effectively selling and renting out properties, change orders, and billing.

Going beyond traditional ERP software, LuitBiz also incorporates document, content, and business process management capabilities, empowering real estate companies to:

  1. Manage leads better and convert them into sales:
    • LuitBiz helps you to view complete details of your potential customers so that you would be able to show them properties based on their exact requirements.
    • With LuitBiz, you can have a real-time view of all your business opportunities, track sales progress and plan the next steps with your potential customers from anywhere in the world.
    • LuitBiz helps you make every customer engagement count, and remain in close touch with opportunities that may translate into actual revenue.
  2. Handle sales and marketing more smartly:
    • Today's real estate companies are stranded with too many projects, plans, locations and customers.
    • All these processes are linked to each other and for effectively managing your real estate business; you need all of these to come under one roof.
    • LuitBiz helps you to manage your properties using integrated software that ties marketing, sales, support and quality teams together.
    • With LuitBiz, you can manage multiple marketing campaigns, attach prospects to campaigns, profile their requirement and offer them properties of their choice.
  3. Manage maintenance effectively:
    • After sales support is extremely important in the real estate industry in order to have a loyal clientele.
    • LuitBiz helps real estate companies make their customers happy by offering them prompt service with LuitBiz CRM's support module and customer portal.
    • Building managers can now schedule their routine maintenance and organize the technical team for all maintenance work and inform customers via the customer portal about the maintenance schedule.
    • Customers can submit their grievances via the customer portal that can be addressed and solved by the real estate companies promptly.
  4. Manage documents and adhere to compliance laws:
    • Real estate companies are always straddled with a lot of documents - customer, legal and compliance related.
    • It is very important for these companies to have the right document with the right version at the time they need it.
    • LuitBiz helps real estate companies track the right version of their important business documents at their fingertips anywhere, anytime.

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