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5 Main Problems Faced By Media & Publishing Companies

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The challenges faced by media and publishing companies include the limiting abilities of proprietary applications to grow into new markets, cumbersome and inaccurate sales and marketing activities due to data analysis made from disparate data sources, inability of traditional CRM systems to provide detailed customer information down to market segment and geographic factors, limited team selling opportunities due to lack of consistent data and collaboration tools and difficulties in solving customer and prospect issues due to lack of a formal process of collaboration between sales, service and marketing teams. Additionally, media & publishing companies have a lot of design and development documents that need to be referred to from time to time and also need approvals at different stages. Managing all these documents and their approvals in paper is quite an uphill task for media & publishing companies.

The strategic CRM functionalities of LuitBiz CRM helps media & publishing companies to overcome these challenges by providing a single source of information for all sales, service and marketing activities. The structured customer information, sales activity and opportunity tracking features of LuitBiz CRM enable media & publishing companies to have consistent and efficient sales processes and ensure that sales, marketing and service personnel can quickly and easily collaborate on opportunities and issues via LuitBuzz. The role based dashboards of LuitBiz enables co-ordinated team selling and standardized sales processes across multiple offices enables media & publishing companies to act as an integrated global enterprise. LuitBiz allows media & publishing companies to have enhanced visibility into opportunity win/loss reasons, improve insight into customer needs and pain points and gain greater understanding of sales representative skills and strengths, enhancing individual and team performance which can again be rewarded via the strategic HR policies of LuitBiz HRM.

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