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How Can Automotive Companies Benefit From LuitBiz?

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Capture and access all production and quality data at the “manufacturing moment” to gain real-time insight into productivity, inventory, and quality for increased agility and production control.

Why should automotive companies choose LuitBiz?

Software For Automobile Industry

LuitBiz provides 360 degree support for all your product related processes from the first idea to manufacturing, sales and support. Collaborate via LuitBuzz to develop innovative products faster & shorten development cycles in a collaborative environment

We believe that product development is a collaborative process where each and every member of the organization has some contribution to make. The innovative design of LuitBiz helps employees collaborate on design, development and support in the automotive industry. LuitBiz supplies the necessary tools to collaboratively engage all your employees and speed up the delivery of the products to the market and ensure world-class customer service.

The collaborative features of LuitBiz gives the automotive industry an edge over their competitors from start to finish:

  1. Market requirements and customer studies can be shared and discussed via LuitBuzz
  2. Market segmentation and analysis, competitor product analysis and SWOT analysis can be performed via LuitBiz CRM to study product feasibility
  3. The sales module of LuitBiz helps you streamline your leads and prospects and generate quotations to make sales. During the sales process, any collaboration that needs to be done across departments can be done via LuitBuzz
  4. The support module of LuitBiz CRM along with the customer portal of LuitBiz ensures that customers are provided continuous and timely support by your team. Escalation rules and LuitBuzz collaboration can be of great help during this collaborative process
Software For Automobile Industry

Manage your design documents with version control and workflow in LuitBiz DMS and have complete control over all your design processes. Store additional knowledge that cannot be entered into the design document in LuitBiz DMS for future reference

Automotive design is a process of problem solving where the needs of the customer or the marketplace are transformed into a product satisfying these needs. The process starts with a design brief followed by the design specification stage where a true understanding of the actual problem needs to be done before proposing a solution. During the design specification stage, specific research is done related to the global trends in the automobile industry and also the downstream activities like manufacture, sales, transportation etc.

LuitBiz takes care of this whole design process for the automobile industry by:

  1. Product design process is taken care of by LuitBiz DMS. The various document-centric features of LuitBiz DMS help in managing the different versions of product design from start to finish
  2. Plan, acquire and install appropriate process equipment and tooling based on design tolerances provided by the customer. - CPPD (Collaborative Product Process Design). The customer module of LuitBiz provides an effective communication channel between you and your customers
  3. The DMS module of LuitBiz can be used to share the PPAP(Production part approval process) documents with customers ensuring that all customer engineering design record and specification requirements are properly understood by the supplier and that the process has the potential to produce product consistently meeting these requirements during an actual production run at the quoted production rate
  4. The BPM module of LuitBiz helps designers get the necessary approvals on the prototype dimensions, themes and concepts to complete their design process faster
Software For Automobile Industry

LuitBiz ERP helps you connect your supply processes across departments & optimize flow of goods matching demand and supply. The integrated approaches of LuitBiz ERP, BPM & CRM helps you drive down costs improve quality and increase service responsiveness

The bulk of the world's new cars come from the moving assembly line and the first requisite of this process is an accurately controlled flow of materials into the assembly plants. The need for careful control over the flow of materials is an incentive for automobile firms to manufacture their own components, sometimes directly but more often through subsidiaries. Additionally, the automobile industry adheres to stringent quality checks and the five steps of APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) needs to be strictly followed by the manufacturers.

LuitBiz helps automobile manufacturers streamline the supply and quality processes by:

  1. LuitBiz ERP takes care of the materials and their supply required for developing the product. The comprehensive supplier module of LuitBiz ERP helps you find the best rates from your registered suppliers with a single click. It integrates your business processes to better manage supply, inventory and demand
  2. The BPM module of LuitBiz helps in streamlining all your quality processes for manufacturing automobiles. You can use the BPM module of LuitBiz DMS to define the necessary forms and attach workflows for the five sections of your APQP process namely, Plan and Define, Product Design and Development, Process Design and Development, Product and Process Validation, Feedback, Assessment and Corrective Action
  3. LuitBiz BPM also helps you in managing employee records with OSHA 300, 300A and 301 forms along with the appendices for LOTO compliance that you can build and store the requisite employee records
Software For Automobile Industry

LuitBiz CRM allows you to carry out a market study before developing a product. You could perform a SWOT analysis to have a complete knowledge of the product you want to develop and the competitive scenario. This gives you complete information on your revenue prospects

The process of purchasing a car involves a number of phases. From awareness to consideration, short listing, purchase, service, and ultimately repurchase, the "consumer decision journey" (CDJ) framework describes the way car buyers move from an initial consideration to their final purchase. Customers increasingly rely on digital channels, for example, checking brands' Web sites, reading reviews, and visiting social networks and community forums in the consideration phase. Recent insights have revealed that more than 50 percent of customers make their decision online, emphasizing the importance of managing the online channel for car makers. The social media module of LuitBiz helps you in reaching out to your customers making them aware of your products, quality and offers.

LuitBiz helps an automobile marketer by:

  1. Engaging prospective customers in digital information posted in Social Media
  2. Providing a platform to perform competitor analysis, market segmentation and analysis and generating SWOT reports
  3. Providing a platform to design and run marketing campaigns in various media to woo prospective customers
  4. Providing market intelligence to the design and sales team about a product
Software For Automobile Industry

Maximize sales of your products with high visibility into opportunities, pipelining and pricing features of LuitBiz CRM. Forecast your revenue for your products, assign sales leads to your sales team, collaborate with prospects via social media - all via the comprehensive features of LuitBiz CRM

For automotive sales professionals it is important to understand customer satisfaction and their experience with the sales process. Understanding your customers will allow you to optimize your sales and incentive plans to boost sales and improve ROI. LuitBiz addresses these challenges through its comprehensive set of lead management, forecasting, quotation generation and business opportunities functionalities.

The comprehensive functionalities that could be of immense use to automobile sales professionals are:

  1. Accelerated real-time quote management via integrated quotation and pricing modules of LuitBiz ERP and LuitBiz CRM
  2. Real time alerts about pending activities allows efficient conversion of leads to customers
  3. Allows sales teams to manage sales opportunities along with sales notes and customer documents
  4. Customer portal of LuitBiz CRM allows up selling and cross selling of different products
  5. Provides real time access to contacts, opportunities and contacts across all devices
Software For Automobile Industry

Empower your support team with a complete knowledge of your customer's lifecycle and preferences. Up sell your products via the customer portal of LuitBiz CRM. Involve employees across roles and departments to support customers via LuitBuzz. Get real time support reports to access your support team's performance

Customer satisfaction with maintenance and repair service is very important for gaining loyal customers in the automobile industry. Key factors for customer satisfaction in this industry include quality of repair, timeliness of service, drop-off and service write-off process, vehicle pickup process and vehicle fixed right the first time. Savvy dealerships have discovered that delivering good customer service has a direct impact on their bottom line.

LuitBiz helps automobile dealers provide quality customer experience during the buying and servicing process via the following features:

  1. Online helpdesk of LuitBiz CRM coupled with the customer portal of LuitBiz ensures that customer complaints are addressed and fixed on time. User defined escalation rules ensure that the problem faced by the customers is solved by industry experts and there is no compromise in the quality of service
  2. Customers can submit their wish lists via the customer portal. These lists are escalated to the concerned department by the support team via LuitBiz. This results in customer satisfaction as well as adds value to your product by helping you incorporate customer expectations in your future designs
  3. LuitBiz CRM can be used by your support team to build a customer knowledge base. Based on the purchase that they have made, they will be able to view tricks and tips about the vehicle they have purchased

LuitBiz Effortlessly manages all business information in the automotive industry

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