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10 greatest challenges facing today's law firms

How Can LuitBiz help Legal Companies & Law Firms in facing these challenges?

The legal industry is very competitive & challenging. Long hours, tough competition and billing challenges make it overwhelming to work in a legal department or law firm.

When handling paper documents sometimes seems like another full-time job all by itself. Data rooms, whether physical or virtual, can be expensive and complicated to maintain. Court records, arrest records, testimonies, billing, contracts — every document has to be filed and stored correctly, ready for use at a moment’s notice.

For this a legal firm needs a Document Management System (DMS).

Another important challenge faced by legal firms to maintain better client relationships that are usually a precursor to improved financial outcomes for the firm, typically through improved selling of its services to more divisions of a client account, lower levels of attrition away from the firm, or a combination of the two.

Thus for better client relationships and the ability to cross-sell their services with increased efficiency & team collaboration, increased revenue and profitability legal firms require a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system .

However, managing two different systems - a DMS & a CRM is a daunting task for legal firms
Not any more.

With the integrated modules of LuitBiz DMS & LuitBiz CRM, legal firms can manage their case files, workflows and client relations using just one software with any device connected to the Internet.

How much are you losing due to improper document management?

Document Management System for Legal Companies

How Can LuitBiz DMS Help My Legal Firm?

CRM for Legal Companies

CRM isn't just a technology - it's a full strategy that can yield outstanding benefits for your legal firm

How Can LuitBiz CRM Help My Legal Firm?

Stop trying to apply ineffective solutions to your document & client management problems. You need a modern, reliable, integrated and robust system with cutting edge features that works across multiple devices that will save you time and increase your productivity. You need LuitBiz DMS & LuitBiz CRM.