LuitBiz For Furniture Manufacturing

How Can Furniture Manufacturing Companies Benefit From LuitBiz?

The furniture manufacturing industry faces myriad demands in organizing, tracking, and sharing the documents necessary for day-to-day business, like orders and invoices for sales and distribution, employee records, payroll, tax records, and more. Additionally, keeping track of customer requests, follow ups and previous order history as well as for informing them about newer products, the furniture manufacturing industry needs a lot of customer centric information to increase business efficiency. Engagement and retention of a skilled labor force is another challenge faced by the furniture manufacturing industry.

How does the furniture manufacturing industry work & what are the challenges faced by it?

Furniture can come in a variety of different types and can be made through a range of different processes. Major companies mass-produce furniture in large factories but smaller outfits also specialize in producing handmade items. Either way, both of these business types will generate a lot of documents throughout the course of a year.

The process of furniture manufacture involves material purchase from supplier, shipping & transportation, traceability, invoicing etc that needs to be saved and managed. The actual crafting of the material requires the labor of a trained workforce. When you put it all together and total it over just the course of a single year, the amount of documentation can be staggering. This only begins to scratch the surface of the amount of documentation that can come with operating in the furniture manufacturing industry. With a system that is based on physical documents, the sheer volume can be overwhelming and it will all need to be sorted, stored, and organized in a way that provides some level of accessibility.

Many furniture manufacturing companies find it challenging when it comes to reverting to RFQ (request for quotation) and the primary reason for this is often a lengthy or exhaustive quote process, which is executed manually. This causes leads or prospects to walk away, which is something that no business would want to witness. Additionally, supporting existing customers via phone and email leads to loss of customer intelligence data and this in turn leads to dissatisfied customers who might want to discontinue your services and switch to your competitor.

The furniture manufacturing industry is very labor intensive and business success depends on 3 primary goals of its HR strategy: (i) building employee capabilities, (ii) building employee commitment and (iii) improving the professional capabilities of the HR function itself.

How can LuitBiz help Furniture Manufacturing Companies manage their Documents, Customers & Employees?

The three main pillars of an furniture manufacturing company are their "Documents", their "Customers" and their "Employees". The capacity to manage your product development, track your workflow and manage all your employee processes all in a single solution means faster time-to-market, increased process visibility, improved collaboration, and enhanced traceability & accountibility.

How can LuitBiz DMS help furniture manufacturing companies stramline their documents and workflow?

The ability to find documents quickly and share them with different members of the group using LuitBiz DMS, whether they are on location or operating remotely, streamlines operations and increases efficiency.

LuitBiz DMS also offers levels of document security in ways not possible with a plain database repository. A filing cabinet can be compromised and paper files can be lost due to physical damage, staff negligence, or theft.

LuitBiz DMS offers heavy encryption to counter cyber theft, and off-site backups save your data from any physical harm caused by power outages, natural disasters, and accidents.

With LuitBiz DMS, you no longer have to worry about documents getting lost, misplaced, or forgotten. With our easy to use interface and document audit trail functionality, you can ensure that sensitive materials are only viewed by those people that should have access.

If you are still operating on a paper based retrieval & approval system, then your business is costing itself in regard to efficiency. A lot of time is lost in searching for documents when they are needed, documents are easily lost and compromised, and paper files take up valuable office real estate. With LuitBiz DMS, you can retrieve and approve documents from anywhere anytime using any device connected to the Internet, make correct decisions and increase your business efficiency and profitability.

How can LuitBiz CRM help your Furniture Manufacturing business?

LuitBiz CRM for furniture manufacturing industry captures all valuable customer data into the system saving your sales reps and managers from the hassles of entering and tracking these details manually.

A few highlights of LuitBiz CRM that can be of great help to furniture manufacturing companies include:

  • Holistic and 360-degree view of customers
  • Market Analysis & SWOT reports
  • Accurate sales forecasting
  • Sales Tasks Management
  • Accounts/contacts management
  • Real-time order and purchase management
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Increased customer retention and satisfaction
  • Fosters productive sales and marketing crew
  • Quotation & Invoices Management
  • Streamline sales and order process

HR issues faced by the furniture manufacturing industry

Furniture Manufacturing companies today have a hard time finding employees who will show up on time for work, stay at their work stations, and stick with their jobs. When it is hard to find reliable personnel, employers have to spend excess time hiring and training new employees, then rehiring and training new employees. This is difficult both in terms of financial costs and efficiency.

The furniture manufacturing industry being a fragmented industry is seriously affected by various not so supportive Government Policies, low productivity, and so on. It is significant to note that while the industry has been trying to tackle age old and chronic problem areas, newer and more pressing issues have arisen, namely, increased competition, the high investment cost of state of the art production facilities, to name a few, all of which must be effectively dealt with while maintaining a long term perspective. Given this back drop, the role of Human Resource Management function in the furniture manufacturing sector has been one that has supported the functioning of an industry operating under archaic processes, practices and systems within a difficult or at worst an un-supportive economic environment.

Today, the very people practices that saw the furniture manufacturing industry through its various trials and tribulations in its earlier days have become inadequate to meet the new business imperatives. The mind set and related people practices have not quite changed with the times, resulting in a drag. The maintenance approach to HR management must transform to one that anticipates and accepts change to come up with solutions that drive business results. Reactivity needs to be replaced by pro-activity.

Some of the challenges faced by the HR department of furniture manufacturing industry include:

  • Employee competency identification and development
  • Building employee participation
  • Creating a "corporate community" with strong values and a sense of "belonging"
  • Developing innovative partnerships with suppliers
  • Attracting and retaining a diverse workforce

Given this scenario, the furniture manufacturing industry is faced with a unique challenge on the people front – that of attracting and retaining talent. The industry is unable to create a clamour for students wanting to join furniture manufacturing related courses as a preferred career. This talent attraction and acquisition issue is the main issue faced by the HR departments of furniture manufacturing industries.

How LuitBiz HRM & ESS can help?

The HRM and ESS modules of LuitBiz ensure that you hire the right employees, nurture and support their talent and retain them. The unified approach of LuitBiz HRM and ESS ensure that you get sustainable competitive advantage.

LuitBiz HRM provides you a tool to meet the aspirations of your new-age employees with the help of the following functionalities:

  1. Employee Management: LuitBiz HRM helps you to put all your HR related activities in line to increase the quality of your employee base.
  2. Attendance Management: The Attendance Management module of LuitBiz HRM gives you the ability to track your employees' time and attendance.
  3. Employee Self Service: Using the Employee Self Service Module of LuitBiz, employees can apply for leave and managers can approve their applications. Additionally, employees can view training schedules and register themselves for the same. LuitBiz takes care of the entire employee appraisal process.
  4. Recruitment Management: LuitBiz HRM delivers a reliable, intuitive platform suitable for temporary, contract and permanent recruitment of employees.
  5. Employee Training: Your employees are always trying o deliver flawless service to your customers and you need to ensure that they always have the right training and knowledge to do so. LuitBiz HRM's employee training module helps your business meets these needs.
  6. Appraisal Management: LuitBiz HRM's appraisal module helps your organization to quickly create high-value performance appraisals for all your employees and help you build a high-performing workforce that is completely aligned with your organization's goals and priorities and who can be retained and promoted organically for the benefit of the company.
  7. Employee Events Management: LuitBiz HRM's Employee Events module helps you to plan and announce the details of employee fun events organized for your workforce.
  8. HR Forms Management: New legislation, the ongoing modernization of company practices, and drastic changes in the workplace have led to a slew of new challenges for HR professionals. The HR Forms module of LuitBiz HRM tackles these challenges head on and significantly simplifies some of the most important HR processes and record keeping requirements. Your HR Department can use LuitBiz HRM to publish HR forms and manuals that can be viewed by your employees via the Employee Self Service Module.

There are many other ways LuitBiz can be advantageous to the furniture manufacturing industry. To discover other ways you can benefit from LuitBiz’s many powerful features, sign up for the free 15 day trial.