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Repercussions of Document Mismanagement in the Cargo & Freight Industry

In the Cargo & Freight Industry, your primary goal is to get items from Point A to Point B. But what happens when the documents associated with your shipments get lost or misplaced before reaching Point B? Or what if you don’t have the required documents to get all of your shipments through customs and processing?

Mismanagement of documents can lead to the following serious repercussions in the Cargo & Freight Industry:

  1. Lost or Misplaced Products: The documents associated with each shipment like commercial invoice, packing list, and shipment instructions are vital in ensuring that it ultimately arrives at its intended destination. Losing or misplacing even one of these documents can result in packages being misdirected, and ultimately not reaching their destinations. Though physical copies of these kinds of documents often must be included within the shipments themselves, having electronic versions of each file on hand can help to ensure that none of the vital information the documents contain ever becomes entirely lost to you.
  2. Delayed Delivery: Customers expect to receive their packages on time and you need to ensure that your shipping process is as efficient as possible, and that includes the way that you manage your shipping documents. In order to ship products quickly and efficiently, you need to have all documents from the insurance certificate to the shipper’s letter of instruction and everything in between associated with each package easily at your fingertips to easily get the shipment moving along. For International cargo, customs checks for each country can vary, but they all require a long list of documents that must be easily viewed and verified by customs officials. By managing documents efficiently, you can ensure that everything is in order and avoid being held up by customs, no matter where you’re shipping to.
  3. Customs Issues and Fines: Document mismanagement puts you at risk of other complications associated with the customs office, including steep fines for not having the proper documentation in order and refusal to accept your shipment. This can cause extensive delays in getting your package to its destination, since the package will be returned to its origin and you must start the transportation process over entirely. With proper document management, you can ensure that all necessary documentation is always on hand; and if a document does happen to be missing for any reason, it can be much quicker and easier to get the right documents to the customs agent.
  4. Angry Customers: In the shipping and transportation industry, your customers’ satisfaction rests almost solely upon your ability to deliver the right package to the right place at the right time. Delayed deliveries, lost packages, and failure to deliver are all sure to leave you with irate customers, and an unsatisfied customer is highly unlikely to be a returning customer. With proper document management, you can avoid these and avoid all of the problems involved with angry customers, like bad online reviews, loss of business, and issuance of refunds.

Efficiency is essential in the world of cargo & freight, but it applies to much more than just the physical transportation of goods. The way you manage your documents and run the administrative end of your business must be just as efficient. So, try out LuitBiz DMS and contact us to help you implement a better document management system so that you can avoid the possible repercussions listed above while simultaneously improving your company’s bottom line.

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Why should the Cargo & Freight Companies choose LuitBiz?

As we look across the regulatory, customer, stakeholder and market sustainability landscapes in the international cargo & freight industry, and through the future trends lens, a number of key points are emerging:

  1. First and foremost, the cargo & freight industry is entering more choppy waters. The bar will be raised across the board, notably as a number of regulatory changes take effect over the coming years. The industry is no longer "hidden"; regulators, stakeholders, and customers all realize the impacts and the potential for change that the industry holds. - LuitBiz DMS can help you manage all your documents and help you overcome missing document and regulatory challenges
  2. Second, changes in the business environment will contribute to the emergence of more distinct business strategies. . In the past, most major shipping lines have pursued a low-cost strategy coupled with acceptable lead times, reliability, and operational standards. Moving forward, some carriers likely will begin to explore moving away from the deadly cost game to pursue strategies focused on customer service, true door-to-door solutions and valueadding services. - LuitBiz CRM can help you manage a repository of customer records, documents and conversations & help your company seize upon the significant ‘sustainability changes’ to develop strategies based on real differentiation by providing great customer support & service while others will continue to resist the changing tide
  3. Third, carriers must consider sustainability challenges upstream and downstream their value chains. Regulators, customers, supply chain partners, and stakeholders will want more and better information about international container shipping lines’ performance. It is likely that ports and communities will require more data on the environmental performance of docking ships to determine cost of access. - LuitBiz BPM and LuitBiz DMS can help your company embrace the changing business environment and provide better collaboration amongst all stakeholders involved, including partners, suppliers, vendors, and customers to enable effective management of sustainability impacts.
  4. Fourth, cargo & freight companies must focus on the safety aspects of their business. For this, they require a highly trained and engaged workforce. A number of inter-related factors have been linked to the frequency of serious accidents. Human error is a key issue, and it is on the rise due to an increasing undersupply of skilled crew worldwide–combined with more technical equipment, that has increased the complexity of operations. On top of this, higher commercial pressures resulting in increased workloads compound the problems. - LuitBiz HRM & ESS can help Cargo & Freight companies overcome this difficulty and recruit, train and retain a highly skilled & motivated work force.

The spotlight is shining on an industry that has inherently deep bonds with global societies, trade and the environment. These connections create a responsibility - one that, in an increasingly hyper-transparent world, requires a more integrated response. Sustainability challenges facing the industry will increase in significance over the next five to seven years, whilst socioeconomic changes will continue to result in more complex supply chain networks. Cargo & Freight companies have an opportunity to respond strategically to these signals and create business benefit and value. Value that also benefits the environment and the communities that these companies serve.

So an integrated business software like LuitBiz is the best solution for Cargo & Freight companies to manage the three main pillars of their business - their DOCUMENTS, their CUSTOMERS & their EMPLOYEES.

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