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3 Reasons Every SMB Should Be Using SaaS

Starting and running a small business has never been easy. Geographic isolation, limited resources and not being able to access best practices have always been some of the hurdles faced by SMBs. These historic challenges can be tackled in new and better ways. SaaS is the key to overcoming many of these traditional disadvantages and is the key to the SMB sector taking advantage of the digital revolution. There is a huge market demand in providing software to the SMB sector.

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Best practises for SMBs for adopting cloud based services

Any SMB considering a move to the cloud must understand that the perceived benefits can be short-lived without a plan that places cloud computing in the context of its overall business strategy and affects security, performance, and connectivity. With cloud based software increasingly freed from ongoing infrastructure management to focus on new areas for innovation, business integration demands simplification. With this in mind, let’s look more closely at how SMBs should prepare themselves before adopting the cloud.

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Document Management Software in India

The document management system market in India is receiving a lot of traction. However, it also faces a lot of challenges that hinders its growth. However, even under adverse circumstances the document management system market in India is growing at a constant CAGR of 20% year on year. This growth is quite impressive compared to the global document management system growth at a CAGR of 13.6% over the period 2013-2018.

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CRM Software in India

CRM Software Systems are very essential for Success as well as General Day to Day Management of any company. Keeping proper records required and having a system in place for Customer Relationship Management increases not only sales, performance and profits of a company but also image and goodwill of a company in the eyes of customers as well as general public.

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Consequences of not being GDPR compliant

GDPR is due to be implemented on May 25th, 2018 and the regulation places important new obligations on any business that handles the data of individuals living in the EU, independent of where the business is located. GDPR gives individuals more say over what organizations can do with their data, with strict fines for non-compliance and breaches.

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GDPR Implementation – 10 Step Action Plan

While every organization needs proper consultation and legal advice on being GDPR compliant, here are 10 things to do and consider as a framework for GDPR compliance to give you a head start on your own efforts, or to compare to the work you’ve already undertaken.

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