LuitBiz For CFO

Reduce business costs, complexity & risks and position your business for growth

Manage risks & steer your business strategically - deliver improved results with optimized financial processes

Chief financial officers (CFOs) contribute to the strategic growth of a company by involving themselves in the various projects of the company, using their skills and experience. The CFO of a company faces the challenge of using all the tools at their disposal to make sound decisions based upon quantitative evidence. LuitBiz is one software that can be of immense help to a CFO in this regard by helping gain greater insight and exercise control over business operations making their job easier.

LuitBiz helps ensure the accuracy of information, since anomalies and errors can be flagged up. This is crucial when it comes to cash management - particularly as the CFO is likely to be responsible for sizeable budgets. Even minor errors in the data used to support decision making can prove extremely costly when scaled up.

Why Run Your Business on LuitBiz?

  • Expand & Grow: Fund, enable and execute domestic and global expansion strategies and build a financial model to succeed across geographies.
  • Control Business Performance: Focus on strategic activities enhancing business performance and shareholder value and maintain complete control of your business.
  • Visibility: Real-time dashboards and analytics eliminate spreadsheets & manual reports.
  • Anywhere: Access from anywhere anytime via any device connected to the Internet - both web and mobile.
  • Multiple Business Unit Support: Supports multiple business units that scales as you grow.
  • Easy-to-use: Extremely easy to use with audio guides in each screen.
  • Automatic & Free Upgrades: Automated free upgrades deliver the latest innovations to grow your business.

How Can LuitBiz Help A CFO?

Grow Your Business

Optimize processes and manage the company's finance function effectively

Consolidating finance data with LuitBiz and using it to provide a real-time view of core business processes, can offer real value to CFOs as they aim to establish a solid foundation for growth.

Anywhere anytime access

Scale to support growth

Multiple business unit & multiple currency support help CFOs to scale their business processes based on their requirements & opportunities for expansion. Moving from the data of one business unit to another in LuitBiz takes just 1 click and access to data is completely controlled.

Reduce Costs

Lower Total Cost Of software Ownership

In terms of costs, implementing LuitBiz allows CFOs to identify potential efficiencies, enabling costs to be reduced across companies. Additionally an integrated system helps preserve valuable budgetary resources by doing away with costly & redundant standalone systems.

Build Team

Optimal use of the company's finance team

LuitBiz integrates data from across departments, or entire organisations, and automates key processes. It removes the need for invoice and order processing to be conducted manually, therefore freeing up the finance team to focus on alternative value-adding tasks.

Consolidated Business Information

Availability of consolidated business information

LuitBiz supports multiple companies and CFOs can have access to all relevant information of all relevant locations. Data which exists in silo is of little use to the finance chief - they need to make decisions based upon a range of different variables, each of which is impacted by the others. Centralising data in LuitBiz overcomes this obstacle, and ensures all relevant factors are taken into account before making a financial decision.

Decide Faster

A faster and sound business decision

With LuitBiz CFOs can gain real-time insights into exactly what is happening within the finance function and within other arms of the business. This way it is possible to manage income and expenditure more effectively, monitor customer orders and also control stock within the business. The CFO is able to see exactly what is coming into and out of the business, where and when - allowing them to budget and forecast accordingly and plan ahead of time.

LuitBiz helps you plan your Budget by Anticipating Software Costs

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