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Features & Benefits of Business Process Management Software LuitBiz BPM

Features Business Process Management

The key features of LuitBiz BPM include:

  • * Visibility into the user experience: Gain visibility into application performance trends and baselines. LuitBiz BPM provides consistent, predictable measurements that help you associate the business impact with its root cause and review affected service level agreements.
  • * Active Monitoring: With LuitBiz BPM, you can get visibility into the user experience from multiple locations inside your offices or outside the firewall to monitor availability and performance of your production applications. LuitBiz BPM provides proactive measurements of the usage for all types of forms and workflows. Clear visibility is the first step in the transition to a service-oriented focus. Easy-to-understand reports and dashboards present performance and usage in text and graphical report formats.
  • * Detect Problems earlier: LuitBiz BPM helps to identify availability and performance issues before they affect users. LuitBiz BPM proactively identifies problems even when systems are idle and application administrators are not performing health checks. Active monitoring in LuitBiz BPM allows your forms and workflows to be monitored from multiple locations, inside or outside your firewalls.
  • * Identify Problems faster: Pinpoint and resolve problems more quickly. BPM isolates application problems by location, application, transaction (for example, login or check balance), cloud service provider, and other factors. Get visibility into the user experience from multiple locations inside your offices or outside the firewall to monitor availability and performance of your production applications.
  • * Integrated for enhances collaboration: LuitBiz BPM is integrated with the corporate communication tool "LuitBuzz" that enables the users to have a easy to use communication channel. Users can communicate in private or in public to resolve issues pertaining to design and approval of process forms. Additionally, the discussion forum of LuitBuzz provides a platform for all users to share their knowledge and experiences.

LuitBiz BPM (Business Process Management Software) enables organizations to be more agile than ever and can orchestrate and govern the interactions of thousands of users, dozens of applications and millions of data points so that a business's processes and procedures can be automated based on the changing business requirements. LuitBiz BPM allows agile enterprises to respond to events in their ecosystem in near real-time, maximizing Opportunities and minimizing Threats (like a compliance violation in a back-office operation).

Through automating repetitive employees business processes LuitBiz BPM reduces your operational costs and frees-up employees to concentrate on activities that are important to the success of your business.

A small sample of the common business benefits that our customers cite after using LuitBiz Business Process Management Software include:

  1. Stronger Revenue Streams
  2. Operational Savings
  3. Reduction in the Administration involved with Compliance and ISO Activities
  4. Greater Company Agility
  5. Higher Customer Satisfaction Levels
  6. Freeing-up of Employee Time
  7. Eradication of Data Entry Errors
  8. Critical Failure Avoidance
Benefits of Business Process Management

LuitBiz Business Process Management - Flexible Forms & Workflows For Automating Approvals

A centralized repository of your business processes, workflows and forms in a business process management software ensures that all the necessary forms and documents are always in the proper place at all times. No more lost files and hung workflows, no more long drawn-out searches for a missing form, no more paper chase!

Before making a decision, let's get you started with a free trial of LuitBiz BPM business process management system for 15 days and see for yourself how it will add value to your business. LuitBiz also has CRM, HRM, ESS, DMS and Corporate communication modules. The best way to see which of our modules is best for you is to try it out for yourself for free. So in the free trial of LuitBiz, you can check out all our modules of LuitBiz including LuitBiz BPM. Experience the hassle-free advantages waiting for you or get in touch with our support staff to learn how LuitBiz can bring these benefits and cost savings to your organization.

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