"LuitBiz DMS Basic" Document Management System

Document Management System India


Here's how LuitBiz DMS Basic helps you improve

Our simple interface lets you streamline your documents in seconds


Upload documents in seconds

The simple interface of LuitBiz DMS Basic allows you to upload documents in seconds

You can upload multiple documents, folders and scanned documents at one go


Retrieve documents in seconds

Select your search option and retrieve your documents quickly

Export your search results to "CSV", "Excel" or "PDF" or Print them


Tag documents and retrieve them

Create your own meta data with the easy to use tagging template feature

Retrieve documents based on the value of the meta data you defined


Manage all versions of the documents centrally

The built-in version control helps manage versions automatically

Access all versions of the documents centrally with complete audit trail


View time-stamped audit trails

View time-stamped audit trail of all activities performed on the documents

These audit trails cannot be edited or deleted and are extremely useful during compliance audits


Share documents with "LuitBiz DMS View Users"

Share documents with LuitBiz DMS "View" users either forever or till a particular date

Communicate with your "View" users if they have questions about the documents



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