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LuitBiz 6.0 Released - No more headaches of managing your business software

16 September 2015
Luit Infotech, a Bangalore (India) based SaaS software company announces the launch of LuitBiz 6.0 - a SaaS Business Applications Suite that can be used by businesses to manage all their business processes centrally over the cloud.

Businesses normally use a number of different software to manage their business processes. However, getting diverse software to communicate with each other and exchange data is a huge undertaking - both in terms of time and money. Moreover, data collected and managed via different software by multiple teams creates information silos all around and it becomes almost impossible for businesses to get the right data at the right time to make the right decision.

At Luit Infotech we decided to come up with a business applications suite that will help companies put up all their business data in a central repository over the cloud with easy to use dashboards so that stakeholders can't avoid seeing it. A centralized display and management of business data provides timely and relevant information and gets the attention that drives people to focus on common business goals.

Business data is getting generated in an accelerated pace yet managers are unable to answer the questions that should be written in their forehead: In what type of activities are your employees spending their time on? What are your current branding and marketing efforts and how are you positioned against your competition? What is the likelihood of completing a sale in time? Where are the bottlenecks in your sales, marketing, support, HR and business processes?

In harsh economic times companies strive to be lean and avoid wasteful activities. The use of a centralised business applications suite with all software required to manage your entire business processes gives a 360 degree view of all the activities of a company so that teams can start looking for incremental ways to improve. The concept dates back several decades when companies like Toyota introduced "war rooms" or "Obeya" where all individuals involved in managerial planning meet in a "great room" to speed communication and decision-making to steer projects.

So far the use of composite software has been limited to enterprises and big companies because of the exhorbitant price tags. But the team behind LuitBiz believes that all growing businesses should have easy to use software for managing their business so that they can concentrate on their core business rather than trying to learn and manage different software. LuitBiz has ERP, CRM (Sales, Marketing, Support, Contact Management and Customer Portal), Human Resource Management (HRM), Employee Self Service (ESS), Document Management (DMS), Business Process Management (BPM) and Corporate Communication modules. All these software share a common database and hence they can exchange business data easily amongst themselves. Moreover, as LuitBiz is offered at a very competitive price over the cloud, businesses do not have to worry about huge upfront capital investments to implement business software. They can subscribe to the attractive monthly plans of LuitBiz and get started within minutes of signing up. That's not all! Businesses can try out all modules of LuitBiz free for 15 days before making their purchase. The free trial signup does not require any credit card information - in other words it is completely hassle free to try out LuitBiz.

Pricing and Availability

LuitBiz 6.0 is available at Users can sign up for a no obligation 15 day free trial at

About Luit Infotech
Founded in 2004, Luit Infotech is an India based software company with its registered office in Bangalore. The company is a leading provider of web based SaaS business software. Luit Infotech has developed a SaaS Business Applications Suite "LuitBiz" that has has ERP, CRM (Sales, Marketing, Support, Contact Management & Customer Portal), Human Resource Management (HRM), Employee Self Service (ESS), Document Management (DMS), Business Process Management (BPM) and Corporate Communication modules. Since its inception, Luit Infotech has served a diverse range of customers from enterprise, education, research and manufacturing sectors and built a substantial market presence with many prestigious installations.

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