"LuitBiz EAM" Asset Management Software

Every business has assets. LuitBiz EAM helps businesses to manage these assets easily. LuitBiz EAM is a cloud based robust and feature rich Asset Management Software with no download, installation or maintenance. Main features of LuitBiz EAM are:
  • Asset Lifecycle Management - Linear, Non Linear & Digital
  • Depreciation & Real time Asst Tracking
  • Preventive Maintenance Management with Calendar
  • Asset Procurement, AMC & Warranty Management with Budgets
  • Spare Parts Management (MRO Materials)
  • Asset Field Service Management (FSM)
LuitBiz EAM is completely responsive and can be accessed via any device (computer / smartphone / tablet) without downloading any mobile apps.
LuitBiz EAM comprises of 2 different types of users - the "Full Users" who can use all the features of the operations and finance modules and the "View Users" who can view the assets issued to them and reminders about the issued assets. The view users can also see the field services allocated to them and post service reports.

Here's how LuitBiz EAM helps get your assets under control

Our easy-to-use interface helps you never lose track of an asset again

Track Everything From Laptops To Vending Machines

The simple interface of LuitBiz EAM allows you to track all your fixed and IT assets and their complete lifecycle easily.

The intuitive interface makes it extremely easy for anyone to use and track all your valuable assets


Have Complete Information About Assets - Linear, Non Linear & Digital - At Your Fingertips

With LuitBiz EAM, you won't have to shift through cluttered asset management spreadsheet records anymore.

The consolidated views of LuitBiz EAM see full action histories, warranty information, maintenance data, and photos in a single screen.


Track Assets & Their Maintenance Schedules (MRO)

Track exact location of your assets and don't miss out on any misplaced or lost assets

Monitor and execute all Preventive Maintenance Schedules of all your assets and their sub parts


Streamline Asset Procurement

Track the complete asset procurement process right from purchase till its end-of-life.

View all the financial transactions that have been done regarding the asset and its sub parts right from procurement, service and maintenance based on financial years and allocated budgets.


Know the exact worth of your asset

The built-in depreciation calculator of LuitBiz EAM lets you view the deprecated value of your asset on a particular time.

With the help of the exact value of the asset at your fingertips, you can dispose off the asset at a time when you feel is the best time for maximum ROI


Manage Your AMCs, Warranties & Suppliers

LuitBiz EAM allows you to manage all your asset AMCs and Warranties and reminds you about their expiry and renewal.

You can manage all your asset supplier data via LuitBiz EAM including the meeting minutes, their documents, etc.


Manage Asset Services (Field Service Management)

Assign asset related jobs to different team members and monitor the job completion right from your dashboard

Team members can view the services allocated to them using the "View User" module of LuitBiz EAM and post their reports after completing the service.



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