"LuitBiz CRM" Customer Relationship Management System

LuitBiz CRM allows you to streamline your sales, marketing & customer support processes and provide cross-channel, consistent customer experiences using pre-built business processes that span silos. It helps maximize your productivity with complete customer lifecycle data at your fingertips. Main features of LuitBiz CRM are:
  • Streamlined sales processes & deals
  • Quotations & Invoices with reports
  • Marketing & Support Management
  • Sales Forecasts & Workflows
  • Integration with 3rd party software
LuitBiz CRM is completely responsive and can be accessed via any device (computer / smartphone / tablet) without downloading any mobile apps.

LuitBiz CRM is suitable for organizations of all sizes and verticals and comes in 3 different flavors:

Why Do you need to manage your customer data digitally?

  • Enterprise Content Chaos: A centralized repository of your customer information in a CRM system ensures that all your customer data is available at all times. No more lost data, no more long drawn-out searches for a missing customer data, no more paper chase!
  • Security Risk: Disparate data silos drain your business productivity and increase security risks
  • Compliance: Various compliances require customer data to be managed in digital format with complete customer consent. If this is found missing during audits, heavy fines are imposed by the compliance agencies
  • Versions & Audit Trails: You need to have access to all the versions of your quotations and invoices and their history
  • Approvals: You need to have complete history of the approvals of your customer documents
  • Data Retrieval & Retention: You need to be able to retrieve and retain your customer data in accordance to compliance requirements



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