"LuitBiz CRM" The Complete CRM For Growing Businesses

Streamline your sales & customer support processes using pre-built business processes of LuitBiz CRM. It helps you become more proactive and insight-driven with complete customer lifecycle data at your fingertips. Main features of LuitBiz CRM are:
  • Streamlined sales processes & deals
  • Quotations & Invoices with reports
  • Customer Support Management
  • Customer Portal
  • Integration with 3rd party software

Why Choose LuitBiz CRM?

  • A Modern CRM - extremely easy to use
  • No hidden costs - transparent pricing
  • Fast deployment with online training
  • Flexible contracts with no lock-in periods
  • Price protection–get the best deal, always

What makes LuitBiz CRM stand out?

  • Fastest deployment in the market
  • Customization on Demand
  • Premium support with zero downtime
  • Minimum learning curve
  • Transparent Pricing
LuitBiz CRM is completely responsive and can be accessed via any device (computer / smartphone / tablet) without downloading any mobile apps.
The Voice-to-text feature of LuitBiz CRM on mobile devices makes it extremely easy for sales reps to log customer followups that can be accessed by their sales managers.

LuitBiz CRM is suitable for organizations of all sizes and verticals and comes in 2 different flavors:

Why Do you need to manage your customer data digitally?

  • Enterprise Content Chaos: A centralized repository of your customer information in a CRM system ensures that all your customer data is available at all times. No more lost data, no more long drawn-out searches for a missing customer data, no more paper chase!
  • Security Risk: Disparate data silos drain your business productivity and increase security risks
  • Compliance: Various compliances require customer data to be managed in digital format with complete customer consent. If this is found missing during audits, heavy fines are imposed by the compliance agencies
  • Versions & Audit Trails: You need to have access to all the versions of your quotations and invoices and their history
  • Approvals: You need to have complete history of the approvals of your customer documents
  • Data Retrieval & Retention: You need to be able to retrieve and retain your customer data in accordance to compliance requirements



Improve Sales. Build Lasting Relationships

and take control of your sales & support processes

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