LuitBiz CRM - a true 360° CRM Software For Your Business

LuitBiz CRM has Sales, Marketing, Support & Customer Portal features that gives a complete 360° view of your entire customer lifecycle.


Improve your sales success, eliminate low sales productivity, close deals faster and increase your company's sales
With separate role based interfaces for CRM Managers and CRM Executives, use the simple point-and-click interface to automate business processes.
Manage all your activities, receive reminders to contact leads, prospects, campaigns and your ongoing quotations from your dashboards
Sales Managers can follow up ongoing sales results and compare it with sales targets and the team's performance


Deffine an effective product competitive positioning strategy for your company via the marketing feature of LuitBiz CRM Enterprise
Using the marketing feature of LuitBiz CRM Enterprise, create your market segmentations, research, and competitors' product and positioning, perform SWOT analysis and define your value proposition and manage your marketing campaigns
Using the marketing feature of LuitBiz CRM Enterprise, create your branding and price strategy from your Competitive Positioning Strategy
Automate all your marketing processes in LuitBiz CRM Enterprise with the available integrations with 3rd party marketing software like MailChimp etc.


Provide customer support, escalate support cases and solve issues and view the complete support history of all your customers
Deliver service to your customers on your social media channels like FaceBook and Twitter that are integrated with both LuitBiz CRM Basic and LuitBiz CRM Enterprise
With complete access to customer profile, your support team can deliver solutions both in context and with an eye toward the overall customer experience
Handle support issues effectively and if required, 3rd party software can be integrated for providing better customer service

Customer Portal

You and your support team members can directly communicate and listen to your customers via the Customer Portal
Improve your customer retention, eliminate customer attrition, upsell and cross sell to existing customers and increase your company's sales volume
Improve your brand image by displaying your company's logo and allowing your CRM manager users to have direct communication with your customers.
Reduce ticket volume by posting Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tips for customers to the portal to fix the problems themselves before calling up or contacting your support department


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