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LuitBiz Customer Success Stories

See how LuitBiz has made a real difference for our top customers to manage their processes & documents, build brand awareness and most importantly grow their sales and revenues

Customer Testimonial

Sudhir Udayakanth

Founder & CEO

edge Academy (India)

LuitBiz CRM provides many features out of the box like multiple business location support, task management and customer communication management that directly addressed our requirements when managing customer accounts and attracting new ones. Their support services have been awesome and on-boarding was a breeze with online help and implementation help from LuitBiz implementation services team. LuitBiz CRM has now become a very important tool for our business and being mobile friendly we can now reach out to more customers & prospects and close more sales while our sales reps are on the move - and oh yes, without downloading any mobile app that eats up our mobile phone's space.

Customer Testimonial

Mr S N Sreepad


Essae Digitronics, Bangalore

The Document Management System (DMS) bought by us from LuitBiz is user friendly. We have over 40,000 documents on the system and can retrieve any vendor invoice almost five years now in seconds. Their customer service has been very impressive and LuitBiz DMS is one of the easiest software we have used.

Customer Testimonial

Mr K A Srinivas


Hotel Greenpark, Hyderabad

LuitBiz BPM has been an ideal platform that has supported our innovative and complex business processes. It has helped us transform our key customer facing processes, enabling higher operational efficiency, reduced process cycle times, lower operational costs, and distinct competitive advantage. We are happy that we have chosen LuitBiz BPM to manage our business processes. The implementation team of LuitBiz helped us to reduce process cycle time.