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The travel industry is in the midst of global evolution in today's fast- changing global marketplace, where companies are striving to articulate, adopt and deliver the brand promise consistently throughout the value chain and across all stakeholder groups. This industry is facing several challenges such as shortage of labor and skills, delivering to customer expectations, keeping pace with the global distribution revolution, ensuring consistent branding, and measuring Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and so on. Additionally they are also mandated to manage their records for certain number of years to meet the necessary compliance requirements.

LuitBiz HRM and ESS's comprehensive human resource management features can be of great use to travel companies in managing their ever growing work force efficiently. LuitBiz DMS and LuitBiz BPM can be used by travel companies to streamline all their documents and their approcals whereas LuitBiz CRM can help these companies have an edge over their competition by having a very efficient customer relationship process in place.

LuitBiz also help travel & tourism companies connect to their customers socially via integrated Facebook & Twitter modules. Additionally, the ability to enter contact logs and being able to refer to them for future connections to customers makes them feel cared for and wanted. They will turn into loyal customers who would prefer your services over your competition.

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