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Even if a customer does not seem to require it, businesses of all sizes are in the need of a customer service department and easy to use software to support this initiative. Often customer service is seen for complaints as meat shields, that owners of business can let others handle complaints for them. Those with this mentality often find that their businesses are going southwards. A bunch of benefits are there in having a customer service team. And even more advantages are there in having good customer service software in place. Running a call center or customer service center can be a big challenge, and it is important for company managers to use all the tools at their disposal to improve their operations. Installing customer service software is one way to improve your company's operations, enhance customer satisfaction and make sure that every caller gets just the information he needs.

LuitBiz CRM's support module is just the right solution for companies that are looking to ensure best customer service at minimum cost to the company and high returns in customer loyalty. The support module is tied to the sales, marketing and contact modules of LuitBiz CRM. So when a customer submits a support ticket via the customer portal of LuitBiz CRM, the support team members have all the requisite information about the customer at his / her fingertips and is better equipped to address the customer's requirement.

The support module of LuitBiz CRM is completely responsive and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime via any device connected to the Internet. There is no need to download any mobile or desktop apps to access LuitBiz CRM Support. You can stay in touch with your customers even when you are on the move to listen and solve their problems on time.

The advantages of the support module of LuitBiz CRM are:

Easy reporting of queries and suggestions

Without some sort of automation in place, it can be extremely time consuming to gather the information needed to make intelligent decision on staffing levels, supervisory needs and administrative goals. But with a good customer service software package like LuitBiz CRM, the management team will have the information it needs to make those decisions. Members of the management team use LuitBiz CRM's support module to determine the most frequent subjects for calls, the daily volume of calls and the average time customer service reps are staying on the phone with callers.

Identifying challenges in the support department

Members of management use the support module of LuitBiz CRM to identify challenges and find better ways to get things done. For instance, if the software shows that support tickets are frequently being escalated to other departments, managers can do additional cross training to make sure each representative understands the big picture and not just their little part of it. Skilled customer experience professionals are in high demand. As more and more businesses begin to invest in customer experience, no longer is it a task that can be "added on" to the service delivery or marketing manager's role.

Evaluate performance of Support Team

Without the right expertise, you can miss opportunities to enhance the customer experience. As a manager driving a customer-first culture, you need to adjust your rewards and incentives based on your preferred outcomes. However, in a large, busy company it can be difficult to determine who your star performers are. The real time reports of LuitBiz CRM's support module can make it a lot easier. It uses a number of built-in criteria to sort out the best representatives from all the rest. These metrics can include the time spent on each call, the level of customer satisfaction and the number of calls transferred or put on hold. LuitBiz CRM is an excellent tool to evaluate employee performance and reward the top performers in the company.

Identify new opportunities of product / service development

When members of the management team are bogged down in manual reporting and day-to-day operations, it can be difficult to identify new opportunities for growth. The customer portal of LuitBiz CRM allows customers to submit their wishes regarding product / service development and enhancement. These wishes are viewable via the support module of Luitbiz CRM. If this report shows that a large number of customers are looking for information about a new product or service, that could represent an opportunity to market related products and services. Without Luitbiz CRM in place, the company would not have been able to analyze call volumes and identify those potential opportunities.

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