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Shipper’s Letter of Instructions and Document Management

Successful cargo & freight companies keep all the obligatory files and documents stored and are able to present them upon request. From communications between importers and exporters, to lists of what is being included in the shipment, everything is recorded for official use. The companies who do not have a proper system to handle the bulk load of information that is sent and received struggle with shipping document management and end up with a lot of hassles and fines.

Easy to use and learn document management systems like LuitBiz DMS help cargo & freight companies to streamline and simplify the enormous amount of paper files that are acquired throughout any day, week, or month. This relieves the cargo & freight companies of the frustration that comes with trying to keep everything organized and also increases the overall efficiency of the business. When there is a request for a document, it can quickly be pulled up and delivered to the appropriate agency.

International shipping involving different countries and customs agencies require dissimilar ocean freight shipping documents and other forms. At any time, a shipper may be required to provide any one or all of the following documents: Bill of Lading, Shippers Letter of Instruction, Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin or NAFTA Certificate of Origin, Inspection Certification, dock or warehouse receipt, the Shipper’s Export Declaration or SED, Export License, Letter of Instruction, and the packing list filled out accurately each and every time. Any discrepancy can lead to shipment delay, suspension or cancellation. By having shipping document management in order, the shipping and receiving of the desired merchandise will go much smoother.

The Importance of Managing Shipper’s Letters of Instructions

A Shipper’s Letter of Instructions is a document that is put in place to protect the exporter and the shipment. It is absolutely necessary that this document is filled out accurately because it tells the forwarding company how to handle the merchandise. Without proper instruction, there could be damage or other financial loss to the freight shipping company. To avoid this from happening, it is essential to have the proper instructions on hand and ready to provide for each and every shipment.

An accurately filled out and easily available Shipper’s Letter of Instructions helps avoid delays in the shipment and can be produced to the customs agency or government officials in charge of the shipment whenever required. In the event the freight shipping company cannot provide the requested information, there can be a fine imposed. No business wants to take on additional costs. With electronic filing and organization of the documents, it is simple for any of the approved employees to go in and pull up whatever form is being asked for.

What happens when Shipper’s Letters of Instructions are not managed properly?

Delayed Shipments
Penalties & Fines
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The benefits of LuitBiz DMS in managing Shipper’s Letters of Instructions

Going Paperless

Helps your company go "Paperless"

Access Anywhere, Anytime using Any Device

Keep your documentation accessible anywhere

Easy Search and retrieval Of Commercial Invoices

Easy Search & Retrieval Of Documents & Related Information

Allow you to have the right documents on hand when you need them

Provides the right documents on hand when you need them

Access Anywhere, Anytime using Any Device

Manage documents globally from a central location

Easy Search and retrieval Of Commercial Invoices

Allows user-specific access to the correct documentation

These are just a few of the ways LuitBiz DMS can benefit the cargo & freight industry in managing Shipper’s Letters of Instructions. If you would like to know more about how LuitBiz DMS can be a boon to your organization, please feel free to try out a free 15 day trial version of LuitBiz DMS by clicking on the link "Start My Free Trial" below.

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