LuitBiz CRM For Quotation Management

Generate and send quotes faster than ever with LuitBiz CRM

Most companies concentrate first on developing the Lead through Opportunity close process. Therefore, advanced use of LuitBiz CRM sales module focuses primarily on the incorporation of the business opportunities, as well the generation of online quotations in your sales process. Without ever having to leave the sales module of LuitBiz CRM, sales reps can pick products and prices, add discounts and get automated updates of amounts. Powerful easy-to-use features let them create alternative quotes and edit and update quotations throughout the entire sales process.

The Quotation Management module is unique in how it integrates perfectly with the opportunity management part of LuitBiz CRM and at the same time provides seamless integration to the marketing and sales modules of LuitBiz as well as the ERP module of LuitBiz. This enables the users of LuitBiz make substantial improvements in how they run their sales process. Very simple to use, quotations can be generated on the fly by sales executives via the intuitive user interface of Luitbiz CRM. Simply choose the products from the Products list and within minutes generate a professional sales quote in PDF format that can be emailed to your prospects.

Streamline your Quotation Process With LuitBiz CRM Quotation Management Feature

Sales professionals often spend a lot of time drafting proposals and obtaining approvals. Generating quotations in a stand-alone program, such as Microsoft Word or Excel, can be a time-consuming, tedious process that can negatively impact revenue and customer satisfaction over time.

LuitBiz CRM streamlines the quotation process making it work with customer sales orders and generate sales invoices.

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Generate Quotations From Business Opportunities

LuitBiz allows you to generate quotations from your business opportunities. You can add any number of quotations to a particular business opportunity. After adding a quotation, you can email the quotation to the prospect / customer from LuitBiz. You can also view a historical record of the quotations that have been emailed to a customer / prospect via LuitBiz.

Version Control Of Quotations

You can make modifications to your quotations and store them as versions in LuitBiz for your future reference. LuitBiz gives you a complete audit trail of your quotation version history.

Generate Invoices From Quotations

LuitBiz allows you to generate customer invoices from your quotations that can be mailed to the customer to close a sale. The data from the quotation is automatically copied to the invoice and after making the necessary modifications, you can directly email the invoice to the customer from LuitBiz.

Automate your quoting process and generate quotations from anywhere, anytime with LuitBiz

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