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How Can Manufacturing Companies Benefit From LuitBiz?

5 Main Problems Faced By Manufacturing Companies

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Manufacturing is a fast-paced and ever-changing industry, and the most important job of a manufacturing company is to stay ahead of competition and make profit. To ahead of their competition, manufacturers need to organize their business data and access them easily. Relying on revenue-draining paper, which is as hard to find as it is easy to lose, frequently causes problems for manufacturing companies. However, LuitBiz can solve many of the greatest challenges these manufacturers face.

Additionally, the manufacturing industry faces an abundance of obstacles like labour disputes between companies and their employees or reductions in force due to the shift of labour off-shore, low wages and less than desirable working conditions, in addition to quality-control problems and lack of skilled training.

Whatever You Manufacture, Organized Data Management is Key to Success LuitBiz Can Help Any Manufacturing Organization

  • Mineral Products Manufacturing
  • Plastics & Rubber Products Manufacturing
  • Textile & Mills Manufacturing
  • Transportation Manufacturing

From a manufacturer's perspective, the biggest challenges faced by the industry are:

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Finding and retaining good people

Manufacturing companies today have a hard time finding employees who will show up on time for work, stay at their work stations, and stick with their jobs. When it is hard to find reliable personnel, employers have to spend excess time hiring and training new employees, then rehiring and training new employees. This is difficult both in terms of financial costs and efficiency.

The HRM and ESS modules of LuitBiz ensure that you hire the right employees, nurture and support their talent and retain them. The unified approach of LuitBiz HRM and ESS ensure that you get sustainable competitive advantage.

LuitBiz HRM provides you a tool to meet the aspirations of your new-age employees with the help of the following functionalities:

  1. Employee Management: Employees are the backbone of your organization, accomplishing the day-to-day functions as well as driving growth and new initiatives for your business. You should have noticed that if they can yield benefits for a company, they can also incur losses if not managed properly. LuitBiz HRM helps you to put all your HR related activities in line to increase the quality of your employee base.
  2. Attendance Management: The Attendance Management module of LuitBiz HRM gives you the ability to track your employees' time and attendance. You can customize this module to work with your company's attendance rules.
  3. Employee Self Service: Using the Employee Self Service Module of LuitBiz, employees can apply for leave and managers can approve their applications. This streamlines the leave application processes and decreases the burden of your HR department. Additionally, Employees can view training schedules using the Employee Self Service Module of LuitBiz and register themselves for the same. LuitBiz takes care of the whole employee appraisal process and appraisal reports can be posted in LuitBiz for employees to view their appraisals. Additionally, for 360 degree appraisals, employees car appraise their superiors and subordinates using the Employee Self Service Module of LuitBiz.
  4. Recruitment Management: LuitBiz HRM delivers a reliable, intuitive platform suitable for temporary, contract and permanent recruitment of employees. LuitBiz HRM is adaptable to your working methods and processes with the sophisticated features found in more traditional recruitment software. The system takes care of the whole recruitment process starting from creation of job vacancy by your organization, filling of online application form by prospective candidates, interview scheduling, hiring and finally issuing of service certificates to employees who leave your organization.
  5. Employee Training: Your employees are always trying o deliver flawless service to your customers and you need to ensure that they always have the right training and knowledge to do so. In today's knowledge economy the key to creating a sustainable advantage over your competition is to couple training of employees regularly to keep them updated with corporate strategy and business objectives. LuitBiz HRM's employee training module helps your business meets these needs.
  6. Appraisal Management: LuitBiz HRM's appraisal module helps your organization to quickly create high-value performance appraisals for all your employees. It is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for cultivating a high-performance workforce that is completely aligned with your organization's goals and priorities.
  7. Employee Events Management: LuitBiz HRM's Employee Events module helps you to plan and announce the details of employee fun events organized for your workforce. You can plan any event complete with people and locations.
  8. HR Forms Management: New legislation, the ongoing modernization of company practices, and drastic changes in the workplace have led to a slew of new challenges for HR professionals. The HR Forms module of LuitBiz HRM tackles these challenges head on and significantly simplifies some of the most important HR processes and record keeping requirements. Your HR Department can use LuitBiz HRM to publish HR forms and manuals that can be viewed by your employees via the Employee Self Service Module.
  9. Collaboration: The collaboration and knowledge management module "LuitBuzz" helps your employees communicate with each other effectively and manage a central storehouse of business knowledge.
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Manufacturers Need Profits & Automation, Not Paperwork

Manufacturing involves a great deal of data, and most manufacturers are overwhelmed and are unsure of how to access and use that data to leverage positioning within a competitive market. As such, generating data isn't the issue. The issue is accessing the data and then using it to leverage positioning within a competitive marketplace. Towards this end, manufacturers must study data management opportunities and challenges, identify data management abilities, and prioritize data analysis plans. These three practices assist manufacturers with making the transition from simply controlling large amounts of data to uncovering new, highly valuable information about it and then applying it to business practices accordingly.

The ERP, CRM, BPM and DMS modules of LuitBiz ensure that all your manufacturing data, processes and documents are in place and can be accessed easily.

The ability to gather and compare quality-related data from multiple sources is vital to making real-time decisions in manufacturing environments. The ERP, CRM, BPM and DMS modules of LuitBiz ensure that all your manufacturing data, processes and documents are in place and can be accessed easily.

The following data management features of LuitBiz are very helpful for the manufacturing industry:

  1. Projects and reporting: Use a single, seamless platform for project data administration to collaborate on a project basis and better organize your work. Team members can share content across projects without copying or moving files between folders. An intuitive reporting dashboard offers clear visual feedback on project status for improved workgroup communication.
  2. Revision control: With LuitBiz DMS, revision tracking is virtually effortless. Stay focused on designing. LuitBiz DMS can automatically capture the document revision history directly for you. Reduce the chance of version control errors by securely releasing and tracking files.
  3. Automated engineering change orders: Easily manage engineering change orders (ECOs) through an intuitive graphical workflow interface that helps automate the process helping to avoid costly mistakes and remove process bottlenecks.
  4. Flexible data security: Flexible security allows you to control data access, so that the right users always get the right data at the right time. Secure designs by folder or file and restrict who can change the lifecycle state or access a file in a particular lifecycle state. Manage critical aspects of design data at every stage of the lifecycle to control data security and enforce property standards.
  5. Batch Approval for automated tasks: The multiple step workflow control feature of LuitBiz DMS provides batch-approval tools for project documentation. Team members can use a range of methods, such as saved searches and shortcuts, to find and organize data.
  6. Multisite scalability: Connect workgroups globally with a scalable and cost-effective solution that grows with your business. The multisite capability built into LuitBiz DMS software enables workgroups worldwide to collaborate effectively from a single source of accurate and up-to-date data. Keep costs low by starting offices out as remote connections-later, they can take advantage of the built-in replication capabilities as business demands.
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Growing role of compliance

Manufacturers have to take compliance seriously. Compliance can include everything from product safety to IT security to fair competition. But when this crucial issue is overlooked, manufacturers deal with major consequences, such as destroyed corporate reputations, annihilated financial performance and even ruined careers.

The BPM and the DMS modules of LuitBiz ensures that all your documents and workflows are well managed and documented so that internal and external compliance audits are a breeze.

Manufacturing compliance comprises the technical, legal and corporate requirements, regulations and practices manufacturers must comply with in order to produce and market products. The risk of non-compliance has become an increasingly major concern in recent years, particularly for manufacturers with operations in multiple countries and jurisdictions. This development has been further heightened by the increasing role of governmental regulatory bodies in certain industry sectors, along with the emergence of global standards to address the increasingly global nature of manufacturing.

The strategic goals of most manufacturing companies are to manufacture competitive products, operate profitably, and grow their business in an environment of increasing globalization and elevated product development costs. This is challenging enough in itself; but in market sectors such as medical device and biotech manufacturing, the task is even more daunting due to the additional burden of dealing with the various facets of manufacturing compliance originating from the FDA, EPA, and SEC, among others.

Numerous areas of compliance can come to bear on manufacturers directly or indirectly, including:

  1. Product safety
  2. Health, safety, and environmental impact
  3. Data protection
  4. Export controls
  5. Anti-corruption
  6. IT safety and security
  7. Fair competition
  8. Employment law

LuitBiz DMS and BPM allows manufacturing companies to establish a consistent top-down strategy for ensuring compliance across the enterprise. The controls provided by LuitBiz DMS and BPM include audits, system validations, audit trails, and documentation for software and systems involved in processing electronic data that are (a) required to be maintained by the FDA predicate rules or (b) used to demonstrate compliance to a predicate rule.

Additionally, with the advent of globalization, international standards have become increasingly important to manufacturers looking to be compliant across international markets. With the implementation of the EMC Directive (i.e., European Machinery Directive) and similar regulations in other countries, regulatory compliance has become a major milestone in product development and marketing for most manufacturers. Key international industry standards for manufacturing compliance include:

  1. ISO 9001
  2. ISO 13845
  3. IEC 61215
  4. IEC 61646

Companies in highly regulated industries, such as medical devices, are facing new regulations including UDI (Universal Device Identification) and ePedigree requirements, while chemical and electronics manufacturers deal with REAC (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restrictions of Chemicals) and similar laws.

LuitBiz DMS ensures that the requisite controls are imposed on all documentations to meet these International standards. Luitbiz DMS is extremely easy to use and has a very low learning curve. This helps in quick adoption of LuitBiz DMS by the employees and increases their involvement in and acceptance of compliance tasks.

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