LuitBiz HRM For Leave Management

Track & administer leave policies & ensure appropriate compensation

Leave management is one of the most important HR processes, and approving leaves is a delicate balancing act which consumes a significant portion of managerial time. On one hand, HR has to ensure compliance with leave policy and ensure availability of sufficient resources for business continuance, while on the other it has to improve employee satisfaction. Most companies have witnessed bitter manager-employee relation on issuing of leaves making leave management a strategic task for the organization.

Maintaining compliance or managing leave data can be difficult when done manually or by using excel sheets. LuitBiz HRM and ESS can significantly simplify leave management and add value by streamlining a company's leave data.

The main benefits of the leave management module of LuitBiz HRM for your company are:

  1. It provides visibility to the availability of the employee for managers
  2. It provides controls in terms of accrual of leave time across various types of leaves
  3. It provides employees the ability to view balances across leave types and plan their time off appropriately via the ESS module of LuitBiz
  4. It is integrated with the attendance module to ensure accuracy of payroll calculations and hence enables your company to manage costs

Benefits of leave management that LuitBiz HRM and ESS that can make both managers and employees happy

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Accurate information

Provides accurate information about leave balances, leave trends etc. which allows you to forecast available resources at any point of time.

Conveying policy rules

HR department can define leave policy rules like maximum / minimum number of days, holiday calendar management according to location etc. using the LuitBiz HRM module. These rules are visible to the employees via LuitBiz ESS module. Employees can, at any time, refer to the leave policy before applying for vacation days.

Compliance to leave policy

Often, lack of knowledge about organizational leave policies, lead to negligence of leave policy rules by employees and managers. The rules defined by HR in LuitBiz HRM ensures that employees or managers are not allowed to rules while applying for or approving leaves.

Instant information about employee's leave history

LuitBiz allows manager and HR to look at leave history of the applicant.


With all the information available online to employees as well as their managers, the leave system becomes all the more transparent. The employees get access to their leave history and leave balance and the manager too has access to the same. Therefore leave approval or rejection becomes more transparent.

Saves time

Online leave balance visibility can remove a tremendous strain on HR where as much as 15% of their time is spent in handling queries on leave balance for employees.

Improves discipline

Leave, when paired with attendance, can improve accuracy and build discipline in any organization. For instance some companies may have a policy of enforcing a leave without pay if an employee is absent from work without the manager's permission. All these rules can be defined by HR via LuitBiz HRM and the integration of the leave and attendance modules with the payslip module ensures that the payslips reflect the correct pay to be received by employees after the application of the leave rules.

Multi-location holiday management

Leave when paired with location specific holiday calendars can help calculate the correct number of days that an employee applied for leave. LuitBiz supports multi-location company and holiday management making it easier for the HR department to calculate the employees due leaves.

LuitBiz HRMS helps you streamline your employee leave processes

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