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Once your customer has accepted your quotation and is ready to buy, the sales stage reaches its final phase you may start working on the payment procedure. At this stage the most important document both for sales and financial accounting is the "Invoice". The invoice contains the customer Purchase Order Number, Date, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Terms of Payment, Line Items (products/services) with quantities and prices. Typically, invoicing completes the sales process and begins the accounting process where accounts receivable is managed by the Accounts/Finance teams.

In LuitBIz CRM, you can create invoices that have the professional look and feel, and these can be sent via an email or downloaded as a PDF file. The invoices are generated in your company's letterhead. Quotations can also be converted to invoices with just one click that can be either printed out or emailed to your prospects and customers. The AR aging reports generated in the finance module of LuitBiz gives you a birds eye view of your accounts receivable. LuitBiz offers seamless viewing of invoices on any device (mobile or desktop) over the cloud. With LuitBiz, you can stay on top of your billing. Create, customize and send invoices & get paid on time.

The complete cycle of invoicing with LuitBiz CRM

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Pick your starting point when a order comes in

In LuitBiz, invoicing is flexible. Create Invoices from Quotes, enter Invoices from scratch, or enter Sales Orders to fulfill customer POs.

Brand your invoices

Express the unique personality of your business with your company letter head in the invoice.

Email the invoice to your customer with just one click

When your invoice is ready, email it directly in your customer's inbox from LuitBiz.

Stay on top with 360° view of AR aging reports

Check to see when invoices are due. Once payment is received update your records in LuitBiz and close the sale.

Create, customize and send invoices with LuitBiz and get paid on time

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