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Internal social media sites or enterprise social networks are becoming a routine part of corporate America and companies implementing them are getting a positive response from employees. These networks streamline communication in project management, help create and collect easily searchable knowledge, enhance innovation through this easily accessible repository of knowledge and lead to better decision-making. Beyond the business advantages, enterprise social networks also serve to improve a company's corporate culture by encouraging a dialog among employees and between employees and management, allowing them to build stronger relationships that reach beyond topics that are regularly discussed in business meetings and ultimately improve employee satisfaction and retention.

The Enterprise social network features of LuitBiz called "LuitBuzz" offers an exciting opportunity to improve communications and processes and allow employees to engage and connect on a personal level and with HR and legal involvement and practical management that matches your business' needs and culture. This connectivity is an opportunity that companies can embrace to create a collaboration-focused work environment where teams stop working in silos.

"LuitBuzz" can be used as a strategy to empower employees to be creative and have a voice on the direction of the company. The discussion board of LuitBuzz can be used to encourage employees to provide ideas on new products, programs or even ways to improve processes. This feature encourages employees to submit feedback and have open, ongoing dialogue with other employees and management.

"LuitBuzz" can also be used as a repository for company information. The on-demand access enables employees to be more effective in their respective roles because they can access the information quickly. The group messaging feature of LuitBuss enables employees to manage all their group communications centrally over the cloud without deleting any message. The overall benefit is a very streamlined and effective organization.

Investing in "LuitBuzz" has the potential to deliver benefits to all corners of a company's business and operations. Companies that adopt "LuitBuzz" are quickly seeing employee engagement, satisfaction and motivation - and in our experience, leading to higher-levels of productivity, revenue and profit.

Improving employee morale benefits everyone involved in a work place. Boosting it means that people will take more pride in their work, call in sick less often, and be more productive. Happier employees mean happier employers, since the employer will not lose money due to inefficiency and lost time. Improving employee morale can be accomplished fairly easily. If you are looking to build a workplace with more staff camaraderie, greater productivity, and less absenteeism, an organization-wide initiative can help you get there. The events module of LuitBiz HRM and ESS allows the HR department to post information and details of social events organized by the company for the employees. This feature helps your company convey the message to your employees that your company is a place to grow, learn, be challenged, have fun and make a difference.

How is LuitBuzz Different and How Can Your Company Benefit From It?

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One-to-one and group messages allows you to manage all company communications centrally

In LuitBuzz, users can either send direct messages to others or form groups and send group messages. These messages can never be deleted and can be referred to later. It can be very useful for sending sales and marketing reports to different groups of users

No loss of knowledge during employee attrition

If your company is using emails to communicate internally then the chances are that once an employee leaves the company, the person's email is deleted and all the messages in his / her inbox is lost. Later on if some references are required to those messages, there is no way of retrieving them. In LuitBuzz, messages cannot be deleted and even after an employee leaves the company and his / her user ID is deactivated, yet, the messages are still there in the server and can be retrieved back with a single click. Thus you do not loose any company knowledge even after employee attrition and the new person who comes in can gain from the previous person's experiences.

Discussion Forum as a knowledge base

The discussion forum of LuitBuzz can be used as a knowledge base for your employees where they can share their ideas and feelings. This also eliminates the necessity of holding frequent meetings over trivial matters that result in loss of man hours. The discussion can take place online and matters solved within no time using LuitBuzz Discussion Forum.

Fun events make your employees more productive and efficient - LuitBiz helps you achieve that!

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