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There are three ways to grow sales - online and offline both. However, most companies focus only on one (the first one) - and are missing out on revenue opportunities.

So what are these 3 ways to increase sales?

  1. Increase the number of customers
  2. Increase the average order size
  3. Increase the number of repeat purchases

The first one is the one what most businesses do and try to get better at because the probability of selling to an existing customer is between 60 to 70% while the odds the selling to a new prospect are only between 5 and 20%.

However, the most profitable question of all times is "Would you like fries with that?" you hear at McDonald's. And that captures the essence of the second and the third point. When you get people to that stage when they are ready to buy from you - you can ask them to buy more things, and there is much less friction. Getting customers to that buying point is the hardest part of the sales process. They need to trust you and believe in the value they are getting, they need to convince themselves they need or want it, and that that is the right thing to buy at this moment. Once they have reached that step and made a conscious decision to give you money - they are also giving you their trust. So in that moment you are able to sell them more.

After all, up selling a product / service costs ~60% less

However, getting a customer to that point requires a lot of nurturing and commitment from your side. Your business strategy needs to be completely customer-centric and implemented to meet your customers' expectations. In today's fiercely competitive marketplace, customer-centricity is a necessary for business survival & growth. The key to building & maintaining a customer-centric organization is to ensure your business strategy is designed & implemented around your customer needs & expectations. Your customers know exactly what they want. However, it can be challenging to get them to communicate with the right people in your organization on time.

The customer portal of LuitBiz CRM is the best solution for your company under these circumstances. This customer portal allows your customers to communicate their problems, suggestions, ideas and concerns to the key individuals and teams that ultimately make the decisions for product development and service improvements. This helps you increase customer interaction and engagement via the web.

Additionally, the customer portal of LuitBiz is completely responsive and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime via any device connected to the Internet. There is no need to download any mobile or desktop apps to access LuitBiz Customer Portal. You can stay in touch with your customers even when they are on the move to listen and solve their problems on time.

The benefits of the customer portal of LuitBiz CRM are:

Decreased operating costs

The cost of telephone service support is reduced as the customer portal of Luitbiz CRM provides an online platform for customer inquiries. Additionally, since the customer portal is completely responsive, there is no need to develop costly mobile apps that needs to be constantly updated

Improved overall customer experience

The customer portal of Luitbiz CRM increase the frequency with which customers can interact with key people and teams of your company. Customers feel they are taken seriously in the development process and experience less dissatisfaction when the product is delivered or launched in the marketplace.

Increased customer engagement and empowerment

Customer portals increase your interaction with your customers, which is a great indicator for a healthy business. The customer portal of Luitbiz CRM provides direct access of customers to your company and gives them a greater sense of involvement and control. With customers having their own venues to express their ideas they feel they are actively participating in the development process. The feeling of empowerment increases ownership and brand loyalty. With an open line of communication, and a range of self-service options, you'll boost customer satisfaction as well as long-term retention.

Products are better aligned with customer expectations

The customer portal of LuitBiz CRM allows customers to submit their expectations and wishes for future enhancements to your products and services. This data from the marketplace users of your products allow your company to better respond to the increasing demand to tailor products to fit unique needs. Customers now expect to able to be in control of their own content, accessing information regarding their product development process whenever, wherever and however they want. Collecting data directly via the customer portal helps to increase the relevancy of your products to the needs of your customers.

LuitBiz Customer Portal - helps you connect with your customers better

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