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Performance appraisal is an essential part of the human resources department's contribution to an organization. An effective appraisal may not only eliminate behaviour and work-quality problems, it can motivate an employee to contribute more. Often, a company will ask its employees to perform "360-degree feedback" that assesses peers and subordinates as well as supervisors and management. Regardless, the opportunity to receive -- and give -- constructive criticism shouldn't be ignored.

The appraisal module of LuitBiz HRM helps your company to streamline their performance appraisal process. With the comprehensive functionalities of the system you can empower your employees, managers, HR Managers and management to conduct an effective and transparent appraisal efficiently. The appraisal management module of LuitBiz HRM helps your company to foster stronger employee engagement with an interactive employee performance evaluation process that enables your employees and managers to identify, plan, review and measure performance. Additionally, the system allows HR department and Managers to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the employees and suggest improvements and trainings via the integrated training module. Celebrating a job well-done is the easy part of performance appraisal but noting areas of improvement is not so easy. Nevertheless, no one is perfect, and the performance appraisal is an ideal time to diplomatically highlight areas that need improvement. Even the most valuable employee could benefit from additional training, while those who are on the cusp of dismissal need the heads-up. LuitBiz HRM's appraisal management helps managers to be specific by providing explanations on what needs to occur to turn things around. Showing an employee that you care enough about them by taking the time to work with them may make even the most hardened employee feel better. This is one great benefit of LuitBiz HRM's appraisal management module both for the employees and the company.

All online performance appraisal systems increase individual and overall performance through greater clarity and alignment of personal objectives against business goals. However, the appraisal management module of LuitBiz HRM takes this a step further as it ensures that the objectives are visible and accessible all year round and encourages regular review through the milestones and comment functionality via 180 degree and 360 degree appraisals.

The appraisal management module of LuitBiz HRM stands out from other performance appraisal systems as it has an open design which gives greater visibility and empowers managers and individuals to take control of the annual appraisal process, reducing the workload for HR and increasing accountability by the end users.

Unlike other performance appraisal systems, the appraisal management module of LuitBiz HRM has been designed to encourage year round performance evaluations that increase employee engagement. This is a business benefit in its own right. The appraisal management module of LuitBiz HRM has also been designed to increase compliance and reduce risk through better documentation of all performance management processes and recording of key qualifications. This allows organisations to demonstrate adherence to process and provides increased compliance.

LuitBiz HRM's appraisal management module is built on the principle that performance appraisal is the perfect opportunity to address long-term goals that may not be on the everyday to-do list. Not only does this provide the employee with an opportunity to be of greater use to an organization, the employee feels pleased and valued. Lighting the way toward a successful career path inspires loyalty and stability and can improve the bottom line, especially when the employee's first concern is the health of the business, and subsequently, his / her career.

How is Can Your Company Benefit From The Appraisal Management Feature Of LuitBiz?

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Increased Transperancy

During the appraisal process, the individual learns exactly how well he/she did during the previous twelve months and can then use that information to improve his/her performance in the future. In this regard, it serves another important purpose by making sure that the boss’s expectations are clearly communicated.

Facilitates Promotion Decisions

The appraisal process of LuitBiz makes it easier for the HR Department to make good decisions about making sure that the most important positions are filled by the most capable individuals.

Motivates Superior Performance

The appraisal process of LuitBiz helps motivate people to deliver superior performance. It helps them learn just what it is that the organization considers to be "superior". Also, since most people want to be seen as superior performers, the appraisal process provides them with a means to demonstrate that they actually are. Finally, employees are encouraged to avoid being stigmatized as inferior or average performers and as a result the productivity and efficiency of your workforce increases.

Determines Individual Training and Development Needs

Since the appraisal procedure of LuitBiz includes a requirement that individual development plans be determined and discussed, individuals can then make good decisions about the skills and competencies they need to acquire to make a greater contribution to the company. As a result, they increase their chances of promotion and lower their odds of layoff by improving their skills. A direct benefit from this is that your workforce becomes more skilled.

Improves Overall Organizational Performance

The appraisal procedure of LuitBiz allows the organization to communicate performance expectations to every member of the team and assess exactly how well each person is doing. When everyone is clear on the expectations and knows exactly how he is performing against them, this will result in an overall improvement in organizational success.

LuitBiz HRM & ESS facilitates online 180 degree and 360 degree appraisal

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