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According to a 2014 About.com poll, 62% of people who don't care for their jobs say it's communication-related. Management isn't transparent about direction. Constant change isn't well-communicated. When a company has a communication problem, they also have a performance, retention, and culture problem.

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As corporate communications moves from "nice to have" to "business critical" the expectations and demands have grown tremendously. The days when the HR Department just provided the beautiful prose for company executive speeches and developed personal and public relations are over. In today's world, the HR is expected to implement a structured process for 24/7 brand and reputation management for all stakeholders, across all channels and across all markets. Now, that's a tough challenge but also a great opportunity for those who have a vision for how communications will be integrated into the way companies make better decisions.

Corporate reputation is one of the essential intangible assets for many companies and the absence or lack of it results in these companies face difficulties where operational income is less than operational cost or the business losing customers may confront the problem of a profit decline. Besides that, reputation is an intangible asset that can't be built just only through advertising. To build a strong reputation, the firm must have strong communication to communicate with the stakeholders. To convince and persuade them to believe in the firm without a strong communicator, no matter how much effort organization does, the stakeholders will still go to another whom able to "move" them. Therefore, a strong communication will be a great step to build an organization's reputation. Several studies have shown that improving corporate reputation results in better corporate communication for companies. LuitBuzz helps companies towards managing a strong corporate communication policy.

Strategic communications: Strategic communications is the new mantra. Executives are talking about the importance of strategic communication, whether in reference to the need for transparency, improving service or recruiting employees. Business leaders now see that employee communication has evolved from a perfunctory component of corporate communication and human resource (HR) functions to one that is firmly tied to organizational strategies and business objectives. It's no longer just about sharing information but is seen as necessary to drive employee behavior to achieve results by helping people understand how their work influences the success of the organization. LuitBuzz provides companies a variety of communication channels to target their different audiences and build awareness about company policies and objectives. Overall the effective strategic communications via LuitBuzz framed by a communications plan, will result in the audiences' clear understanding of the value and benefit of a change in a product, company, agency or initiative. It will methodically address, using appropriate communications channels and carefully tailored messages and sub-messages, all the constituencies you must reach to mobilize support, build acceptance and remove uncertainty.

Cost Savings: The communications in LuitBuzz can be used as a cost savings tool. The point about being strategic in communications is to avoid lost productivity, false starts and personal loss. Effective communications equates to a cost-benefit model and can improve the return on investment. If you understand your employees' desires and perceptions, you will understand which programs provide value to them and what needs to be modified to provide better value. Communications with employees can support decisions on how to allocate and focus resources to reduce waste.

Promote Necessary Programs: Underutilized programs can be promoted to increase utilization and duplicative programs or services can be eliminated - if employees are aware of them. If employees don't know a program is available, they can't use it. Why create a program that isn't used? Remember that "if you build it, they will come" doesn't work in baseball or in program management. LuitBuzz helps companies gain a solid understanding of the various employee groups and an understanding of each audience's unique fears, resistance, desires and goals and ensures that the organization is visible, accessible and accountable to the employees.

Increase Engagement & Productivity: Executives & management can use LuitBuzz to disseminate information, offer updates on company policies and changes, as well as keep in touch with the rest of the organization. Employees, on the other hand, can connect directly with management right on the intranet contributing their opinions, thoughts, and insights on posted content. This type of platform enhances and encourages open communication, something that all organizations should strive to achieve.

Communicate Up and Across: In most organizations, communication typically happens from the top down. The management team feels largely responsible for communicating necessary information and deliberating among itself with little to no input from the employees. However, LuitBuzz allows to truly have an impact by establishing a bottom-up internal communications plan where employees can contribute their ideas and opinions ... and have these discussed openly by other employees and management. By involving the non-managerial team in decision making, it is likely to enhance collaboration and appreciation for what management is doing.

Increased Transperency: Transparency of goals drives performance because it creates both a sense of urgency and commitment. By telling everybody within the organization your goals, you are also helping them commit to pursuing those goals in their own way. Updating employees on your progress of achieving goals and objectives via LuitBuzz gives it a whole new meaning ... helping everybody see how their efforts are contributing to the goals.

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