Why Use LuitBiz?

How will LuitBiz help your company?

LuitBiz is by far the most flexible and robust business applications suite available in the cloud computing model that can be used by companies to manage their entire business processes. LuitBiz is built from ground up using scalable technologies. LuitBiz has a very high ROI and reduces your costs by many folds in addition to reducing your company's IT hassles.

In fact, the motto of LuitBiz is "You Manage Your Business, We Manage Your Software".

Responsive Business Software

Getting started with LuitBiz is extremely easy. Just sign up for a free 15 day trial and try out all the modules. After that pick and select the modules you require, make the payment and then get started right away.

One Unified Software For Managing All Business Processes

LuitBiz has ERP, CRM, HRM, ESS, DMS, BPM and LuitBuzz - all sharing the same database. Data is shared amongst all these applications that enable businesses to manage their entire operations using a single system over the Internet.

Easy To Use And Short Learning Curve

LuitBiz is extremely easy to use. In fact, if you know how to browse, you can learn to use LuitBiz yourself. The intuitive interface of LuitBiz & audio guides in each screen makes it very easy to learn the software and users do not have to spend long hours in training themselves. This saves a lot of time and money for the company.

Designed For Future-ready Business

Cloud-based, comprehensive and social media enabled LuitBiz makes your business future ready and frees you from client-server based antique systems that locks you up behind a firewall. Moreover, the completely responsive interface of LuitBiz makes it accessible from any device connected to the Internet without downloading any mobile apps or desktop clients.

Built-in Flexibility

LuitBiz is built from ground up and allows you to scale up your business software based on your business needs. You can have all your current and historical data of your business at your finger tips and scale up, spin off and adopt new business models based on your requirements. The multi-company feature of LuitBiz allows you to access your business data from your different business units via single software.

Highly Scalable

LuitBiz is built on highly scalable and proven technologies. No matter whatever the size of your business is, Luitbiz has the capability to handle it all. Moreover, Luitbiz is hosted in highly scalable virtually elastic servers that can scale up and down based on your business requirements.

Flexible Pricing Options

LuitBiz is by far the most competitively priced cloud software. Compared to the range of features that LuitBiz offers, the pricing model of LuitBiz is very flexible and economical. Moreover, you can pay as you go giving you the flexibility to choose your payment options - monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.

LuitBiz Business Software helps you manage your business from anywhere, anytime

Try out the FREE 15 DAY TRIAL of LuitBiz

Let's get you started with a free trial of LuitBiz. The best way to see which of our modules is best for you is to try it out for yourself for free. Experience the hassle-free advantages waiting for you or get in touch with our support staff to learn how LuitBiz can bring these benefits and cost savings to your organization.