LuitBiz ERP

Why LuitBiz ERP?

LuitBiz ERP is extremely easy to use and comes free of cost with all the modules of LuitBiz CRM (Sales, Marketing and Support). It complements these CRM modules by providing a means to streamline all the item related processes. Down the line, LuitBiz ERP will be released as a full-fledged ERP system that will have all the modules required by companies to manage all their business processes. Till then, the following features of LuitBiz ERP make it a must have software for businesses who would like to streamline their item management processes with ease:

Item Management: The centralized product records in LuitBiz ERP allows your team to make faster and more efficient design decisions-like reusing part specifications from old designs, retrieving item sale history - and save time and money. With customizable item attributes LuitBiz ERP allows you to record and track the data you need, at big-picture and granular levels.

Supplier Management: Manage supplier profiles and maintain accurate supplier information across your organization with LuitBiz ERP. Improve communication and information sharing with cross-functional teams with LuitBuzz. Monitor progress and enhance visibility of supplier communications with calendar and LuitBiz Contacts, recent activity tracking, and recommended actions

Accounts Receivables: Manage all your accounts receivable centrally, receive and update payment records and maintain your accounts more accurately. The AR Aging reports of LuitBiz ERP gives you a bird's eye view of the payments you are yet to receive and helps you follow up with your customers and collect payments on time.

LuitBiz Business Software helps mitigate risks, reduce capital expenditures & trim overall IT costs

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