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Now managing your work life can be as easy as playing your favourite online game. To get started with LuitBiz Contacts Contact Management Software is as easy as pie. You will be up and running with LuitBiz Contacts in a matter of minutes. There is no easier way to run-and grow-your business.

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LuitBiz Contacts offers you significant features and benefits and is one of the fastest growing contact management software because we have made it easy to implement, continue to add features and benefits based on what salespeople and management teams want, and LuitBiz Contacts is easy to evaluate, too. There is nothing to install; just sign up and start seeing how it can help you streamline your business contacts and help your sales teams focus on what's most critical while also being able to be more proactive than ever. LuitBiz Contacts really can help you grow your business faster and leave the competition in the dust. The activity calendar feature of LuitBiz Contacts helps you manage all your business communications centrally and also alerts you of upcoming meetings, phone calls and emails that you need to send. The basic contact and activity management features of LuitBiz Contacts can have a significant beneficial impact and forms the foundation for more powerful applications of LuitBiz CRM.

LuitBiz Contacts is not just about contacts and activity management. In addition to providing all the features provided by a contact management software, it also allows you to store your bookmarked URLs and notes on the cloud so that you can access them from anywhere, anytime while you are on the move. You can also attach a document to a note for your reference and share it with your collegues. This is a unique feature that sets LuitBiz Contacts apart from other contact management software and makes it the most likeable and user friendly contact manager on the cloud that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime via any decice connected to the Internet without downloading any mobile apps or desktop clients.

LuitBiz contacts come free with the CRM Modules (Sales, Marketing and Support) of LuitBiz CRM. So, if you have purchased any of these modules, you can use Luitbiz Contacts for free.

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