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What does LuitBuzz offer & what are the benefits?

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The features of LuitBuzz include:

  • » Social Intranet and Private Company Network: Social intranet is at the center of LuitBuzz. It lets your employees start discussions, share ideas, leave comments, 'like' suggestions of other, follow co-workers and do much more. If the primary goal of your internal communications strategy is to increase collaboration, LuitBuzz is perfect for you.
  • » Conversations: Conversations are an easy way to start collaboration on a task or a document. When starting a new conversation in LuitBuzz, you can also attach a document or an image. You can start a private conversation with one (direct messages) or many colleagues (group messages), adding additional participants at any time. Private messages can also be sent through LuitBuzz thereby minimizing the role of email usage internally in the organization.
  • » Discussion Forum: Using the discussion forum of LuitBuzz, employees can create knowledge base to share step-by-step instructions and guides, along workarounds and solutions to common problems. This feature allows you to quickly & easily begin to capture and provide departmentally secured access to your organizational knowledge. The easy-to-use interface of LuitBuzz Discussions is an ideal solution for small or large organizations that need a central repository to store organizational knowledge easily.

The business benefits of using LuitBuzz are:

  • » Increased productivity by connecting, engaging, and motivating employees to work efficiently across the organization regardless of role or location
  • » Accelerated innovation by providing a forum for employees to share insights and propose new ideas
  • » Higher probability of achieving organizational goals
  • » Ability to approach situations, problems or crises proactively
  • » More effective and responsive customer service
  • » Empowered employees who take stock in your organization
  • » A better workplace understanding of organizational values and purpose
  • » Sharing knowledge files, and data, and connect with experts from across the organization regardless of their role or location
  • » Smarter decision-making on all levels, reducing the need for micro-managing
  • » Reduced day-to-day conflict between team members
  • » Higher employee retention rates
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