LuitBiz Business Applications Suite

Manage your entire business processes efficiently & increase productivity

Are you using too many software to manage your business?

Are you using different stand-alone software to manage your different business processes? Are you facing problems in making these different software silos exchange data with each other?

Are these software silos draining your business productivity, increasing security risks and making your employees' life difficult ?

Have you lost business opportunities because you couldn't pull out the right business information at the right time from any geographical location?

Are your employees spending too much of their time learning to use the different software rather than on their job?

If your answer to any of the above questions is "YES", you need LuitBiz!

LuitBiz is an on-demand (SaaS) web based Business Applications Suite that enables growing businesses to centrally manage their business processes over the Internet without the hassles of maintaining a costly in-house IT infrastructure at an affordable monthly cost.

Using LuitBiz, companies can use one system to manage their entire business processes efficiently and increase productivity.

LuitBiz Business Applications Suite consists of LuitBiz ERP, LuitBiz CRM, LuitBiz HRM, LuitBiz ESS (Employee Self Service), LuitBiz DMS, LuitBiz BPM, LuitBiz Contacts and LuitBuzz (the most comprehensive enterprise communication tool). All these applications share a common database. So there is no need to manage business data in diverse software because getting these diverse applications to talk to each other is a very expensive and time consuming job.

In LuitBiz, you can build your own suite by selecting the applications you require. For example, your suite can consist of LuitBiz DMS, LuitBiz BPM, LuitBiz HRM and LuitBiz ESS or LuitBiz CRM, LuitBiz ERP, LuitBiz HRM, LuitBiz ESS and LuitBuzz etc. You can select and choose any combination accoutring to your business needs. Additional modules can be purchased later if you so require.

What Is LuitBiz?

LuitBiz is a completely responsive business applications software with ERP, CRM, DMS, BPM, HRM, ESS & Corporate Communication (LuitBuzz) modules - all sharing the same database that can be used by companies from anywhere anytime via any device connected to the Internet to manage their entire business spread across business units easily. Moreover, each screen of LuitBiz comes with audio guides that help you get started within minutes making it very easy to use.

Responsive Business Software

LuitBiz ERP

The ERP Module of LuitBiz has item, supplier & invoice management functionalities and works together with the CRM modules of LuitBiz. This basic ERP module comes free with LuitBiz CRM modules. Tell Me More...

LuitBiz CRM

LuitBiz CRM is a complete 360° CRM that covers all aspects of a customer lifecycle from market study & segmentation, SWOT Analysis, sales pipeline, sales forecast & reports, contact management, customer case management, customer knowledge base & customer portal. Tell Me More...

LuitBiz Contacts

LuitBiz Contacts allows you to centrally manage all your business contacts, their communication, their social media information, bookmarks and notes and access them from anywhere, anytime via any device. Tell Me More ...

LuitBiz DMS

LuitBiz DMS is a easy-to-use document management system with version control, audit trail, workflow, tagging, knowledge base and advanced search facilities that help companies streamline their entire documentation process effectively. Tell Me More...

LuitBiz BPM

The BPM module of LuitBiz allows you to create your own forms and workflows complying to your quality and other business processes and get them approved. Tell Me More...

LuitBiz HRM

LuitBiz HRM is a complete 360° HR software that covers all core & strategic employee processes from hiring an employee till exit. This module is connected to the ESS module of LuitBiz. Tell Me More...

LuitBiz ESS

The ESS (Employee Self Service) module of LuitBiz is connected to the HRM module of LuitBiz. It has all the functionalities that employees require to have a complete knowledge about their job and workplace including payslips, leaves, trainings, appraisals and engagements. Tell Me More...


LuitBuzz - the corporate communication module of LuitBiz helps you manage all employee communication centrally over the cloud including sales reports and documents that cannot be deleted and ensures that you never lose any data even after employee attrition. Tell Me More...

If you know to browse - you can use LuitBiz

LuitBiz focuses on simplicity of usage. In fact it is so easy to use that our claim is: "If you know to browse - you can use LuitBiz"

LuitBiz Business Applications Suite has been built from ground-up using proven open source technologies. There is no need to install any third party software to access LuitBiz or to maintain an in-house IT team to manage your business software. Additionally upgrades are provided to all customers without any extra cost. LuitBiz is hosted in the high performance virtual elastic servers that are highly scalable and secure.

Using LuitBiz Business Applications Suite, you can concentrate on your core business without having to worry about hardware / software implementation, maintenance and upgrades.

LuitBiz Business Applications Suite provides a 360° of all your business processes. Additionally, LuitBiz supports multiple companies. So, using LuitBiz you can access the business data of all your business units using just one software as you will be able to save all your company and subsidiary data and knowledge in a central repository. The concerned employees and other authorized stakeholders can access this data and knowledge base as per the management policy so that your company can continue functioning effectively and efficiently in the existing competitive scenario.

Manage business challenges, increase productivity, scalability & business growth

Select Your Modules

Select Your Modules

LuitBiz has all the applications that you need to manage your entire business processes. Select the modules that you need and get started. Its that easy!

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LuitBiz Features & Benefits

The power-packed features of LuitBiz help growing businesses cut their IT costs, accelerate their sales cycles and improve lead-to-customer cycle times by 50%

Select Your Modules


LuitBiz implementation is extremely easy and you can get started within a couple of minutes with the help of audio guides in each screen.

Anywhere anytime access

LuitBiz FAQ

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LuitBiz Business Software helps mitigate risks, reduce capital expenditures & trim overall IT costs

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