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Implementation Services & Customer Onboarding

Putting a system in place is the easy part. Ensuring you have it configured in a way that will bring you the benefits of automation is where the challenge lies. During your implementation, you’ll find a trusted, knowledgeable people – and the latest technology to make your project move quickly and seamlessly.

LuitBiz prides itself on the excellence of our dedicated team of implementation specialists. They bring years of experience aligning technology with people and processes in hundreds of global organizations. Expect LuitBiz Implementation Services to be nothing less than passionate about your success. Our experts bring a wealth of experience to every step of your talent initiatives. Customers rave about LuitBiz experts, especially the commitment and energy they sense from the very first conversations.

When you partner with LuitBiz Implementation Services, rely on us to understand your team, your processes, your organization, your business. Unlike other technology vendors, we don’t outsource our implementation services. You work with a LuitBiz expert with an average of 5+ years experience with LuitBiz products. We focus on the business, the passion and emotion you want your employees to experience, first and foremost, then bring that to life leveraging LuitBiz solutions. We make your vision happen. Right from data entry services to hand holding on getting started with LuitBiz, everything is taken care of by our expert implementation team each of whom realise the fact that your first step is the biggest leap and they are always there for you.

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