LuitBiz Features & Benefits

What does LuitBiz offer & what are the benefits?

Access Anywhere Anytime Any Device

LuitBiz is a completely responsive SaaS application that can be accessed anywhere from the world 24/7/365 by using any device connected to the Internet. There is no need to install any software or mobile app to use LuitBiz and all your company information is at your fingertips while you are on the move.

Minimize capital expenditure

LuitBiz allows companies to reduce capital expenditures with business-class software delivered as software-as-a-service. You do not need to make a huge upfront investment or worry about hardware purchase and maintenance to streamline your sales, marketing and support processes. LuitBiz allows you to manage your entire business processes easily at an affordable cost over the cloud without hardware upgrades or maintenance burdens.

Assured service availability

By using LuitBiz, you can rely on an enterprise service level agreement for uptime and availability. The rich knowledge base and help guides of LuitBiz coupled with efficient support professionals ensure fast issue resolution.

Pick & Select Modules

LuitBiz is a very flexible business applications suite where you can pick and select the modules that you require to manage your business efficiently. You can add and drop modules based on your business requirements.

Role Based User Management

In LuitBiz users are organized and managed based on their roles defined by the admin. So only the users with the correct privileges have access to information.

Secured Hosting in Cloud Servers

LuitBiz is hosted in secured virtually elastic cloud servers that are highly scalable. Your entire business information is extremely secured on our servers. Our network has multiple interconnections with tier-1 network providers and hundreds of peering partners, being constantly optimized for performance and reliability. This means that you can reach LuitBiz fast regardless of where you are on the Internet.

Multi Company & Currency Support

Today's businesses are spread across multiple countries and have a number of subsidiaries to provide better customer sales and support experience. LuitBiz supports multiple currencies and companies. This means that if your business has n number of subsidiary companies, you can enter the data pertaining to all these companies and manage them. You can grant access privileges to different persons for accessing the data of these subsidiaries so that the right person is able to view the right data at the right time and the data for all your companies is available in one place.

Easy-to-use Interface

Intuitive graphical user interface coupled with comprehensive user guides ensure minimal training for getting started. Additionally, each screen of LuitBiz has audio guides that helps user get started within minutes of signing up.

Location-wise performance tracking

LuitBiz allows you to track the performance of each of your business locations / companies separately. This way you can have complete knowledge about all the processes taking place in each of your business locations. Access to complete business data of your different companies can be configured for different users thereby allowing users view data of only those companies for which they have privilege.

Responsive Business Software

LuitBiz gives your business a competitive edge by helping you:

  1. Have a real-time insight into your entire business processes
  2. Makes your business more agile to suite the ever changing business scenarios
  3. Make better business decisions by providing real-time business information
  4. Eliminate huge IT costs in managing and upgrading diverse software applications
  5. Reduces costs in running quality processes dramatically
  6. Helps you to achieve a strong fiscal control based on real-time and historical data
  7. Saves your time wasted in consolidating data from diverse systems and gives you more time to analyze your business's health status and devise effective business strategy
  8. Dramatically reduces forecasting and budgeting cycle times due to centralized data management
  9. Reduces costs for orders, quotations and invoices - while improving customer service
  10. Reduces hours spent learning to use a new software with it's easy-to-use interface & audio guides
  11. Helps you spend less time locating data with location-based tracking of information and data
  12. Improves cash flow, visibility, and decision making
  13. Helps you approve supplier payments and resolve supplier performance issues
  14. Provides impressive cost savings and saving valuable time and streamlining the workforce. With LuitBiz, many of the steps involved in purchasing are either not necessary or are automated so that the entire process runs smoother and faster
  15. Increase collaboration with all your business stakeholders
  16. Increased revenue from your customers and increased productivity from your employees
  17. Achieve customer satisfaction and improve customer relationship
  18. Increase employee satisfaction and retention

LuitBiz Business Software makes your business productive, collaborative & innovative

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