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LuitBiz ERP is a basic ERP software that comes free with the Sales, Marketing & Support modules of LuitBiz CRM. It helps users run all aspects of item management and configuration that is required by the LuitBiz CRM modules for recording customer data in LuitBiz CRM. The main focus of LuitBiz CRM is to help ensure that customer needs are met in a timely and efficient manner with minimal data entry, so that customer satisfaction is maintained a high levels throughout the organization and with every customer interaction, and so that the company's revenue and profitability goals are able to be met or exceeded. Towards this end LuitBiz ERP provides the necessary item and business partner information required by LuitBiz CRM for managing item data centrally, reducing data entry and avoiding item data duplication.

LuitBiz ERP ensures that all item data is entered only once and can be reused over and over again. This cuts down the burden of data entry for your sales rep who can enter their lead information with a few simple clicks without having to spend much time in data entry. Instead they can use that time in pursuing more leads and closing more sales.

This free basic module of LuitBiz ERP also helps track payments & invoices and provides AR Aging reports that give a snapshot of the payments due. This helps in increasing the efficiency in payment collection and ledger maintenance.

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LuitBiz ERP implementation is extremely easy and you can get started within a couple of minutes with the help of audio guides in each screen.

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