LuitBiz ERP Features & Benefits

What does LuitBiz ERP offer & what are the benefits?

The main features of LuitBiz ERP include:

Item Configuration:

Customizable item attributes that allows users to define their item parameters based on their requirement

Item Tagging:

Create item tagging templates and create user defined item fields

Item Management:

Manage items with all related information including persons who are responsible for marketing, selling and supporting them

Business Partner Management:

Have all information about all your business partners at your fingertips with the business partner management feature of LuitBiz ERP

Invoices Management:

View the invoices generated by your sales team members and accept payments against all the invoices that are raised. You can accept payments either in full or partially against all raised invoices.

Financial Reports:

You can view the AR aging reports and have a quick snapshot of the amounts that are due and fllow up with your customers regarding the payment.

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The business benefits of LuitBiz ERP are:

  1. Centralized repository of item information
  2. Ready to use database with searching
  3. Provides unique parent/child relationships assigned to items that do not necessarily need to follow the product structure.
  4. Store data pertaining to unlimited number of items in all your companies
  5. Supports special client pricing with unit pricing/markups and price codes
  6. Optimised Decision Making: LuitBiz ERP helps in decision making process as you have all the item and supplier information at one centralized location making decision processes optimised and more accurate.
  7. Integration with LuitBiz CRM
  8. Streamlined processes and workflows
  9. Reduce redundant data entry and processes
  10. Improved customer satisfaction based on improved on-time delivery, increase quality, shortened delivery times
  11. Reduced inventory costs resulting from better planning, tracking and forecasting
  12. Streamlined Accounts Receivable processes with AR Aging Reports

LuitBiz ERP - The integration of information, design, and technology

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