Why Use LuitBiz DMS?

How will LuitBiz DMS help your company?

For companies with with tens or hundreds of thousands of documents, using a document management system to organize, index and control their documents is an absolute necessity A document management system like LuitBiz DMS acts as a traffic cop at the crossroads of the information highway: controlling, organizing and directing the flow of information

Responsive Business Software

Freedom from pricey paper

  1. Rent for offsite document storage
  2. Filing supplies, such as cabinets and folders
  3. Shipping of documents to clients, offsite departments, etc.
  4. Ink, toner and other printing costs
  5. The cost of paper
  6. Complete traceability of documents

Saves Time

  1. Information workers spent up to 20% of their time filing and searching through paper documents.
  2. On top of that, they waste over 10 hours a week searching for, but not finding, documents, recreating lost documents and other time-consuming tasks.
  3. Companies can allot more time to using information & less time to finding it, employees can instantly retrieve documents within a digital repository through a simple search

Data Safe, Boss Happy

  1. If you think losing one file is frustrating, imagine losing thousands of them in a flood, fire or other disaster. Rather than cutting back on current unnecessary expenses, a disaster
  2. Ask your superiors if maintaining rooms full of paper documents is worth millions of dollars in restoration costs.

Bye-bye busy work

  1. What can you do with all the time saved through digital document management? More work, obviously!
  2. By spending less time on processing contracts, invoices and customer inquiries, companies increase their work capacity and potential for growth

Space, not waste

  1. We have just gone over what to do with extra time, but what about all that extra space? Look around your office and imagine what it could look like without all the file cabinets and storage rooms.
  2. All of that space could be used more productively. Just remember, a productive environment isn't solely about stacks of paper.

LuitBiz DMS helps mitigate risks, reduce capital expenditures & trim overall IT costs

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