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Corporate communication has a direct impact on an employee's work ethics and every manager needs to realise its importance. The internal communication policy of a company influences the attitudes of the employee towards the workplace and promotes an atmosphere of trust and confidence that the organizational messages are timely and effective.

An effective corporate communication policy promotes:

  • » A strong corporate culture
  • » Helps in building corporate identity
  • » Helps in promoting reasonable corporate philosophy
  • » Promotes a genuine sense of corporate citizenship
  • » An efficient and professional relationship amongst the employees including quick responsible ways of communicating in a crisis
  • » Building corporate brand reputation
  • » Promoting innovation and healthy communications amongst employees
  • » Providing the right communication tools in business to all employees

Keeping these in mind LuitBuzz has been built from ground up as an online corporate communication software that can be used to increase productivity, reduce stress, enhance corporate relationships and promote effective communication amongst employees while saving time and money. It is aimed at managing and orchestrating all internal communications aimed at creating favourable point of view among stakeholders on which the company depends.

Corporate Communication Software

The online corporate communication software tools of LuitBuzz include one to many communication, one to one communication, and public messages for all employees and discussion forum. All these tools help companies align their corporate policy to promote healthy communication amongst its employees.

LuitBuzz can be used by HR departments to keep their employees connected with the company's larger picture, reminding them of the company's goals & objectives, enthusing them with company's achievements, advising on corporate strategy, talent management, employee engagement, business strategies, change management, business development, CSR, motivating & empowering employees through various developmental schemes, L&D (skill-set enhancement through periodic training), mentoring and business reviewing etc.

LuitBuzz also helps in significantly improving the overall business perspective in the competitive world. LuitBuzz not only acts as a communicator in the engagement of the employees but also as a facilitator of their overall growth, enhancing their communication skills, knowledge development and soft-skills while interacting with the prospects and clients. This helps enhancing their intrinsic values for better market metrics. Business dynamics demand not just the domain knowledge and technical skill sets but overall improvement in the personality of the person also. This helps ascending the overall image of the organization and is perceived in a positive manner that translates into more win in business in this competitive world.

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